28 killed at elementary school

Re: 28 killed at elementary school

Postby jimsenchuk » Feb 27th, 2013, 10:55 am

logicalview wrote:http://www.castanet.net/edition/news-story-88027-5-.htm#88027

Good to see those socially-engineered to perfection Swiss setting such a great example...

A longtime employee opened fire at a wood-processing company in central Switzerland on Wednesday, leaving three people dead including the assailant, police said.

A further seven people were wounded, six of them seriously, in the shooting at the premises of Kronospan, in the small town of Menznau, Lucerne criminal police chief Daniel Bussmann said.

Bussmann told a news conference in Menznau that the man was 42-years-old, Swiss newspaper Blick reported on its website. Both the suspected shooter and the victims were Swiss.

He said the man arrived at the premises shortly after 9 a.m., drew a pistol and started firing at people. Officials didn't immediately have further details on the weapon or information on how the assailant was killed.

Kronospan Chief Executive Mauro Capozzo said that the suspected assailant had been "with us for more than 10 years, a quiet man, no other incidents involving him are known."

According to the local town council, Kronospan has some 450 employees. There was no immediate word on a possible motive; Capozzo said the company hasn't laid anyone off recently.

Gun ownership is widespread in Switzerland, thanks to liberal regulation, a 2011 referendum to tighten controls failed, and a long-standing tradition for men to keep their military rifles after completing compulsory military service.

An estimated 2.3 million firearms are owned by the country's 8 million people.

Anymore examples of mass killings in Switzerland.?
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Re: 28 killed at elementary school

Postby steelrules » Jun 29th, 2013, 8:16 pm

Woops! Obama Ordered Gun Report Reveals Guns Actually Save Lives

In a recent study orchestrated by the CDC and carried out by the Institute of Medicine and National Research Council, it was found that individuals involved in violent crimes who defended themselves using techniques other than carrying a gun were more likely to be injured when compared to those who were carrying a concealed firearm.

All-in-all, the Obama ordered report ended up finding more pros than cons in regards to the right to an open or concealed weapon. The report also reminds us of the numerous causes of gun deaths, citing that most gun deaths are at the hands of those who used a gun for their suicide — not homicide. The report highlights the poor state of America’s suffering mental health. The report states that suicide by guns outweighs the amount of deaths caused by violent crimes by 61%.

The rest of the story here.
http://intellihub.com/2013/06/27/woops- ... ave-lives/
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Re: 28 killed at elementary school

Postby Captain Awesome » Dec 22nd, 2013, 3:31 am

Captain Awesome wrote:Unless you want to start banning guns for how the look - say pistol grip, or bayonet, or plastic railing. But then what are you doing? You're banning cosmetic features that don't actually kill anybody. They don't even do anything - they just make the gun look a certain way. That's the laughable matter with "let's ban assault rifles" discussion. And that's why I'm very certain that this whole wave of change will not go anywhere - because it's pointless. They might lower the round limit for magazines - while it makes sense it won't do anything about BILLIONS of magazines already in circulation.

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Re: 28 killed at elementary school

Postby normaM » Dec 22nd, 2013, 7:10 am

except for all those times you are wrong. Not a curse as much as hmm
a cuss
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Re: 28 killed at elementary school

Postby Danielson99 » Dec 22nd, 2013, 4:10 pm

It's somewhat painful to listen to gun advocates who quote skewed and misleading crime statistics in an effort to promote gun rights. It merely takes a small child to know the difference between living in a society that in a large part has no guns (Germany or even Canada for that matter) and a country that allows guns freely (United States etc).

The United States is a slum, Canada and Germany are excellent places to raise a family and live your life. I'm not saying you can't find some area's that are more reasonable in the USA where guns laws are much more strict but there are many cities that have more murders a year than all of Canada does.

As Gun Right advocates keep pushing for more and more guns, the entire society is spiraling completely out of control. They don't understand the simple concept that an arms race will not bring peace, it's brings bloodshed. How many times throughout history have we learned this but yet even in today's times we digress to all time lows.

Teachers with bulletproof vests and guns?? Perhaps armed security at every public school?? Everyone allowed to carry a gun around for protection?? These should all be things that normal people do not want to see. The world is full of twisted people who do not use proper judgement, having them carry guns around is only going to end up in tragedy. How many more children need to die before we get guns off the streets for good??

It's something even a child knows. If something is causing problems, it usually gets taken away. If something is hurting children over and over, it's usually gotten rid of for good.

It's also pretty sad to see people quoting crime statistics from countries going through revolutions and revolts to the statistics of the USA just to make them look better. The only fact that matters to me is that the more guns they allow in the USA, the more people die every year. It's so simple that most people can't even see it.....where is it all going to end?
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Re: 28 killed at elementary school

Postby Lady tehMa » Dec 22nd, 2013, 7:15 pm

Danielson99 wrote:
Teachers with bulletproof vests and guns?? Perhaps armed security at every public school?? Everyone allowed to carry a gun around for protection??

Well, actually Danielson99, here is something about that very item, published December 15th, 2013. It is a little long, but it does address your concern.


Put guns in the schools, because that’s the only sane thing to do
Posted on December 15, 2013 by The Matt Walsh Blog

We all understand how this works by now, don’t we?

There was a shooting at a Colorado high school on Friday.

It was headline news for about 43 minutes, then it became a little side story, now, according to the media, it might as well have never happened.

They’ve moved on to other things. And why is that? Well, he was an avowed left wing socialist who hated Republicans and capitalism. Not exactly the sort of profile that a mass shooter is “supposed” to have. I guess that’s why the Denver Post actually edited the word “socialist” out of their report on the incident.

I’m not claiming that his politics necessarily motivated him to commit this crime — it looks like he was driven more by a personal vendetta — but every rational adult in this country knows that this thing would still be in the headlines if only the guy had been described as a “Tea Partier” or a “radical right winger.”

So be it. We get it.

The media doesn’t report truth — they advance narratives. It’s all scripted and plot-driven; it’s a combination of propaganda and entertainment. Propatainment. Entertainaganda. You get the idea. Violent liberals just don’t fit into the story they’re telling, so dudes like Pierson are left on the cutting room floor. If someone in the writer’s room can come up with a clever way to incorporate him into the plot, then maybe we’ll hear about him. Otherwise, crickets.

That’s how it works. We all know it. No reason to harp on the point.

There is something else about that incident on Friday — something important. It’s the reason you should pay attention to this story, and another reason why the media would prefer you don’t.

The carnage was limited. The shooter took his own life after critically wounding one innocent girl and inflicting minor wounds on another bystander. It’s still a tragic situation, as that young girl barely clings to life, but it wasn’t the bloodbath it could have been.

And why?

Because Pierson wasn’t the only armed man in the school that day.

He came equipped to slaughter dozens of kids, but ended up murdering only himself. The reason: this school had a resource officer. The armed cop cornered the would-be killer in the library, causing Pierson to give up and take his own life.

If a good guy with a gun hadn’t been there, this tale could have a drastically, horribly, tragically different ending.

I do not bring this up to score a political point. I’m not a politician, and I’m not trying to “win” anything. I bring this up because it is nothing less than cowardly and despicable to ignore it. This, everyone, is the formula for stopping, or at least mitigating the severity of, school shootings. It played out on Friday. There it is. That’s it. Are you paying attention?

If we care about our kids, we will see to it that they are defended. Period.

I cannot tolerate or even stomach one more blabbering fool insisting that we ought to gather our children together in a central location, and then ADVERTISE the fact that they are vulnerable and defenseless. This is beyond mere stupidity. It’s reckless endangerment.

Make sure there are armed good guys in every public school in the country. For all the money we spend on education, and all of the unnecessary frills and thrills we add to the experience, you can not tell me that this is impractical or unachievable. Put resource officers in the schools. If not them, then armed security. If not that, then let capable, trained, and licensed teachers carry firearms. However we do it, it must be done.

Do you know why? Because Arapahoe High School.

Because pure logic, reason, and common sense ought to be enough to bring us to the conclusion that a “gun free” sign has never stopped one shooting or protected one innocent victim from harm.

They put armed security in some post offices. They put them in Social Security offices and court houses. They put them in government buildings to protect bureaucrats and politicians. The politicians who argue that guns can not defend against bad people with bad intentions, still go to work every day in buildings that are heavily guarded by the very guns they abhor. These hypocrites hide behind armed men and then insist that our children aren’t afforded the same protection. They couldn’t care less about your kid’s life, no matter what they say when the cameras are pointing at them.

Forget them.

Protect the schools. This should be done now. Tomorrow. Immediately. Why are we even talking about it? Are we delusional or indifferent? How else can I explain why we actually DEBATE the merits of defending our children against mass murderers?

Are you unconvinced? OK, imagine the worst case scenario. Imagine you turn on the news one afternoon and you see it: there’s an active shooter at your child’s school. Now, imagine the anchor comes on and informs the audience that this school has a resource officer, or armed security, or armed teachers. How would you feel? Would you actually be MORE concerned knowing that your kid isn’t utterly defenseless? Would you think, “Gee, I wish the shooter was the only one with a gun in that building”?

Or would you find some measure of tentative relief, and pray that the good guy with the gun finds the bad guy, and puts a bullet through his head?

Every single sane and loving parent would fall into the latter category. Every single one.

So, that’s it. Enough arguing. Leave your ideology aside. Let’s be rational. Let’s fulfill our obligation to shield our children from harm, to the best of our ability.

Let’s protect the schools. Now.


I think he makes a good point. What do you think?

Edit: it appears the critically wounded young lady has succumbed to her injuries. :( http://www.castanet.net/edition/news-story-105246-5-.htm#105246
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You're welcome.

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Re: 28 killed at elementary school

Postby Glacier » Dec 22nd, 2013, 10:26 pm

Danielson99 wrote:As Gun Right advocates keep pushing for more and more guns, the entire society is spiraling completely out of control.

Much of what you say in your post is either totally false or kind of humorous. One thing that you forgot to mention in your ramble is that gun ownership rates in the United States have been dropping for the past 40 years.
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Re: 28 killed at elementary school

Postby Atomoa » Dec 23rd, 2013, 4:14 pm

Glacier wrote:Much of what you say in your post is either totally false or kind of humorous. One thing that you forgot to mention in your ramble is that gun ownership rates in the United States have been dropping for the past 40 years.

Haha, funny Glacier.

Dropping for the last 40 years...great!

...but they still are the most armed population on the planet at 80 guns per 100 citizens.

Coming up next is...Serbia! At 58.2 guns per 100 citizens. Then Yemen.

Canada ranks 13th with 30 guns per 100 citizens.

So don't worry because ownership is dropping in the USA (only have to lose 20 guns per 100 citizens to be at the same level as Serbia over another 40 or so years) and the NRA is in decline and loosing political sway, lol.

7 out of 10 people in the US believe in actual -ghosts-with-wings-magic-beings called "angels". 8 out of 10 of them are armed.
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Re: 28 killed at elementary school

Postby A_Britishcolumbian » Dec 28th, 2013, 7:11 pm

an interesting article, more than a snippet, less than a tract, on adam lanza.

Despite files, Conn. school shooter remains enigma

By Associated Press, Updated: Saturday, December 28, 8:40 AM
Adam Lanza was fascinated with chimpanzees because of their capacity for empathy, but could show little or none himself.

He could write stories that struck horror into a teacher’s heart, then turn around and craft a poem so beautiful it moved listeners to tears.

As a kid growing up in Connecticut, he rode bikes, played baseball and saxophone, and kept hamsters. As a man, he taped black garbage bags over his bedroom windows, retreating into a world of violent video games, guns and statistics on mass murder.

Despite the release Friday by Connecticut state police of thousands of pages of interviews, photographs and writings, the man who gunned down 20 first-graders and six adults at Newtown’s Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012, remains an enigma.

Some of the most tantalizing evidence of the inner workings of the 20-year-old Newtown man’s brain appears to be contained in writings that the police chose not to release.

An eight-page document titled simply, “me,” is described in a police inventory as “detailing relationships, ideal companion, culture, voting, personal beliefs, describes doctors touching children as rape.” Another, named “tomorrow,” apparently contains details about the author’s “desires, list of the benefits of being thin and negative connotations associated with being overweight, list of goals ...”

What the files do show is a deeply troubled young man, living with a single mother who was either unable or unwilling to accept the depths of his illness.

The picture most people have of Adam Lanza is the skeletal, blank face from photographs released by police following the massacre. Childhood photos show a smiling boy who could look into a camera, but signs of trouble — if not violence — emerged early.

In his preteen years, Lanza had difficulty with speech and was “being followed medically for seizure activities,” according to investigators.

“In preschool his conduct included repetitive behaviors, temper tantrums, smelling things that were not there, excessive hand washing and eating idiosyncrasies,” prosecutors said in one report.

But Lanza’s real problems appear to have begun after his parents’ separation in 2001, when he was 9 years old.

Adam had attended Sandy Hook Elementary. In fifth grade, he turned in a cute story about a “chicken tree” whose hen fruit “contains everything you ever will need to live like calcium and water.”

“It spits out seeds every four hours by using its long chute,” he wrote in a slanted, choppy block script. “The vines that holds the chicken is very soft and very strong.”

That same year, Lanza produced a more disturbing work.

According to a boy who worked on it with him in class, “The Big Book of Granny” was supposed to be a “comic-style book” in the vein of “Calvin & Hobbes.” It was far from it.

In a section of the book labeled “Granny’s Clubhouse of Happy Children,” typed as dialogue from an imaginary television show, Granny and her son, “Bobolicious,” terrorize a group of children. In one episode, Bobolicious tells the children they’re going to play a game of “Hide and go die.”

Granny uses her “rifle cane” to kill people at a bank, hockey game and Marine boot camp. She also goes back in time and murders the four Beatles, according to a police synopsis.

The book also contains several chapters with the adventures of “Dora the Beserker” and her monkey, “Shoes” — a clear knockoff of the popular children’s show “Dora the Explorer.”

When Granny asks Dora to assassinate a soldier, she replies: “I like hurting people ... Especially children.” In the same episode, Dora sends “Swiper the Raccoon” into a day care center to distract the children, then enters and says, “Let’s hurt children.”

In the real kids’ show, Dora has a backpack that contains a talking map. In Lanza’s perversion, the group carries a bag stuffed with an AK-47, an M-16, a shotgun, a musket and a rocket launcher.

The boy who drew the cover illustration — showing Granny firing her cane gun — thought the book was turned in, but that remains unclear.

He told investigators that Lanza was “weird” and “would sit by himself on the other side of the room and would not talk or associate with anybody else.” Lanza also came to school with a briefcase, he recalled.

One undated poem contained in the police files is titled, “No frogs, No kids”:

“Too many ants are coming.

Ants over populate.

Ants dig dirt.

dirt grows plants.

Bees come to plants.

Cock Robin died.

Bees die.

ants feed bees to babies.

Ants will overtake to win.

One baby died.

3 eggs won’t hatch.

one bird has no voice.”

By seventh grade, a teacher told investigators, Lanza’s writing was “so graphic that it could not be shared” — except with the principal. The teacher said Adam’s parents were not “upfront” about his mental abilities.

Adam would write essays “obsessing about battles, destruction and war,” said the teacher, whose name and gender were redacted. “In all my years of experience, I have known ... boys to talk about things like this but Adam’s level of violence was disturbing.”

But when the teacher asked Adam to submit something else to share with the class, he produced a lovely poem.

“Adam shared his poem in public with his father present, who was in tears,” the teacher told police.

Peter Lanza has declined to speak publicly about his son. But in interviews with investigators, he said that his son’s life appeared to take a turn after his 11th birthday.

He seemed “less happy, stressed and frustrated,” his father said, but he never exhibited any “outward signs of anger or aggression.” He told people he “did not think highly of himself and believed that everyone else in the world deserved more than he did,” according to investigators.

Dr. Robert A. King, a professor at the Yale School of Medicine Child Study Center, conducted a three-hour psychiatric evaluation of Lanza in October 2006. King diagnosed Lanza with “profound Autism Spectrum Disorder, with rigidity, isolation, and a lack of comprehension of ordinary social interaction and communications.”

Peter Lanza, who was estranged from his son, told police that his son had Asperger’s syndrome, a type of autism that is not associated with violence.

King said Lanza also displayed symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder. The boy would change his socks 20 times a day and sometimes would go through a box of tissues in 24 hours because he couldn’t bear to touch a doorknob with his bare hand.

Kathleen Koenig, an advanced practice nurse at the Yale Child Study Center who conducted four face-to-face interviews with Adam Lanza in 2006 and 2007, described him as “emotionally paralyzed.”

Koenig said she prescribed him with an antidepressant/anti-anxiety medication. She said the mother’s response to her recommendations for Lanza as “non-compliant.”

After prescribing Lanza a “small dose” of the drug, the nurse said, she received a call from Nancy reporting that he was “unable to raise his arm.” Koenig didn’t believe the medication could cause such a side effect, but Nancy Lanza did and discontinued the treatment.

When Adam missed an appointment, Koenig said, his mother “failed to schedule” any follow-up visits.

His freshman year at Newtown High School, Lanza’s mother withdrew him because of “stresses over papers, classes, pressure from grades and dealing with his disease,” an acquaintance told police. But that same person told authorities that Lanza “never completely accepted that he had a disease.”

Peter Lanza told the investigators that his ex-wife decided to home school Adam, because he seemed more comfortable that way. But while their 2009 divorce file shows an amicable split, there are some suggestions in the newly released documents that the couple had differences over how Adam was being raised.

In a February 2007 email to a doctor, Nancy Lanza wrote: “I have been more concerned with keeping him as comfortable as possible and just getting through each day.” His father, on the other hand, was focused on “stabilization.”

Peter Lanza told police his and Adam’s relationship “deteriorated” in late 2010, and that his son eventually stopped responding even to emails. Adam’s older brother, Ryan, hadn’t had any contact with him since 2010.

Back at Newtown High, Adam was a member of the Tech Club — although he did not engage much with the others. Instead of participating in gym class, he was allowed to keep a journal.

At 6 feet tall, Adam weighed just 112 pounds. Witnesses told investigators that Adam was a vegan and drank water “with a certain amount of salt added to it.”

One person told police that Lanza never used drugs or alcohol and “hated the thought of it.”

Despite all the evidence that he was a loner, Lanza had not yet cut himself off completely.

In recent years, Lanza would spend nearly every weekend playing the videogame Dance Dance Revolution at a nearby movie theater. In fact, he was there so often and long, people there called him “DDR guy.”

Someone who befriended him there told authorities that Lanza was not completely withdrawn.

“Emotion wasn’t something expressed in particularly verbose or grandiose fashion but it was expressed,” the unnamed witness, who met Lanza sometime in 2011, told investigators in a lengthy email. “He was capable of laughing, smiling and making jokes though always in a dry fashion.”

The two had wide-ranging conversations.

They discussed chimp society, with Lanza remarking that chimps “were able to show more empathy to members of their group than humans were at time.” Lanza said humans were “glorified animals” with a “flawed faculty of judgment.”

Adam was interested in Japanese techno music and had taken Chinese lessons with a private tutor. He even talked about joining the military.

In general, the friend said, Lanza would adopt “a very nihilist take on things” and seemed “overtly fatalistic and bleak.” Lanza would disappear for weeks at a time, after which he would say he was “having an existential crisis.”

He liked to go “off grid” from time to time, and frequently reformatted his computer hard drives, presumably to cover his tracks, the friend said.

Another topic of discussions was pedophilia.

Among the documents investigators found on Lanza’s computer was one titled “pbear” that investigators described as “advocating pedophiles’ rights and the liberation of children.” Another, called “Lovebound,” was a screenplay describing a relationship between a 10-year-old boy and a 30-year-old man.

Lanza said his stance on issues of mental illness, including pedophilia, “would cause others to make snap judgments about him as an apologist,” Lanza’s theater friend told authorities.

Eventually, however, Lanza even fell out with his DDR buddy. In June 2012, the man told authorities, Lanza said “that he should not expect him to participate in any more activities with him.”

Workers at the theater say they last saw Lanza there in August or September 2012. His isolation had now become total.

Two weeks before the shootings, the documents say, Nancy Lanza told a lifelong friend that Adam was growing “increasingly despondent” and had refused to leave his room for three months. Despite sleeping on the same floor, they communicated only via email; one document in the police inventory is a “list of problems and requests from the shooter to Nancy.”

The only thing they seemed to have in common was a love of guns. Nancy and Adam took a firearms safety course together, and she took him to a range to fire some of the several weapons she kept at home.

But if that was meant to bring them closer, it did not appear to have worked. Nancy Lanza told a friend that she asked her son whether he would feel bad should anything happen to her, and he replied, “No.”

But as one person told the FBI: “Nancy was not afraid of Adam, but was afraid for him.” Still, she was trying.

Nancy Lanza told a friend she was thinking of selling her home and moving to Washington state or North Carolina, where she had a friend who might be willing to give Adam a computer job. Adam refused to stay in hotels, and his mother talked about buying a camper for him to sleep in.

On Dec. 10, 2012, she decided to try a little “experiment.” She was going to make a short trip to New Hampshire to see how Adam fared alone for a few days.

Shortly before noon, she texted a friend that “she had gotten off to a rough start.” Adam had “bumped his head” early that morning, and they were “dealing with blood,” according to the police files.

Nancy Lanza returned home late in the evening of Dec. 13.

Within 12 hours, she, her son and 26 others were dead.

Contributing to this report were Associated Press writers John Christoffersen in New Haven, Conn.; David Sharp in Portland, Maine; Jack Gillum in Washington; Nancy Albritton in Philadelphia; Frank Eltman in Mineola, N.Y.; David Eggert in Lansing, Mich.; Kantele Franko in Columbus, Ohio; Michelle L. Johnson and Dinesh Ramde in Milwaukee; David Klepper in Providence, R.I.; Amanda Lee Myers in Cincinnati; Bob Salsberg in Boston; Rik Stevens in Concord, N.H.,; Terry Tang in Phoenix; Laura Wides in Miami and Katie Zezima in Newark, N.J.

http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/ ... story.html
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Re: 28 killed at elementary school

Postby ThursdaysChild » Jan 14th, 2014, 11:25 pm

As a long time American resident looking to relocate to Canada as soon as possible. The carnage in the States is real, for every story that makes the Media there are many more that don't. Americans treat each other with utter contempt at times, turn on the news here and the right hates the left the left hates the right. Discourse has been in grained in us, the amount of hostility is on the rise as well as gun ownership. The right to bear arms has been extorted by the gun lobby to mean Military style weapons, and even as our 4 and 5 yr olds are massacred we do nothing. A picture recently on CNN said it all, Showed school kids with placards pleading to keep assault weapons off the street, with NRA supporters with holstered handguns intimidating them in the for-ground. One would take away from this that maybe Americans Love their guns more then their Children.

The NRA has deep pockets, and Congress threw out its Moral compass a long time ago. School kids don't vote so I guess the politicians can look the other way. There will be more tragedies to follow. America is an experiment. Holding true to what was written in the 1700's it will need to become a police state to control its population. With layers and layers of Security and monitoring, and yet it still we can not protect our kids. The American founding fathers had know way of knowing that Free speech would be distorted to allow the publishing of "How to" of destructive devises, and right to bear arms would include Assault Rifles with ammo clips of 100. Sad state of affairs indeed.
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