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Postby Verum » Nov 26th, 2017, 10:38 pm

FreeRights wrote:I agree with you that protesting speech is fine. However, having speakers cancel their events due to safety issues, causing increased security, and essentially preventing people a platform is not fine.

Protesting in the means of blockading doors to prevent others from hearing it is not fine. This is the step between not agreeing with something, to preventing others from hearing it.

I also agree that if the best argument one can make to give a speak, is that it's legal, it's a weak argument. But an argument should not even be had, as they have a right to say it and people should be able to hear it. If a person has no platform, then nobody will attend. It absolutely disgusts me, even as a liberal, not even to see people protest speeches, but to see people from preventing others from seeing them.

It's a tough one. I feel that preventing such protesting is akin to preventing the speech it is intended to protest and neither should be prevented by the law of the land. There are many ways to get a platform where protests are unlikely to have an effect, and particularly so in modern times, to the point that I don't think that these protests are actually preventing anyone from having a platform. Maybe they prevent access to a particular platform, but I'm not sold on that being sufficient reason to interfere with the freedom of speech of protesting.

I think that these protests, especially those against the likes of Yiannopoulos, Shapiro, Peterson, etc. are self defeating. They almost certainly give these speakers a larger audience, more coverage and do nothing to prevent the further dissemination of these speakers' rhetoric. In these cases, such speakers could want nothing more than to be protested against, especially violently, as it turns them from fringe speakers into celebrities. It wouldn't entirely surprise me if some actively encouraged such protests to get the coverage they seem to crave, but I certainly have no evidence of this. To me it is sad that these of the thinkers that those on the right turn to. Can't we get back to the likes of Friedman and other thinkers?
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