White Farmers Lives DON'T Matter

Re: White Farmers Lives DON'T Matter

Postby Thinktank » Nov 15th, 2017, 4:16 pm


Every country in the world is somewhere on that list above ^^^ from Hell Hole to WONDERFUL. And it's always the white countries, the Norways, the Switzerlands, the Denmarks that are the best. And the Canadas, New Zealands, Austrias - all white - that are slightly below but still really good. And the Germanys and Netherlands and maybe Irelands - all white - are right up there too.

And the worst countries in the world - the HELL-HOLE countries all in Africa. Or, like Iraq or Syria, they are countries with wars. (which the white guys caused)

So the way I understand it, South Africa would have been a HELL-HOLE, but the whites moved in ages ago, and lifted South Africa up to the level of GOOD, but now there is a lot of trouble in South Africa, and black people are murdering white farmers, so the country - because of those awful blacks - is sliding down towards TOLERABLE. And it could get worse. Sotuh Africa could become a HELL-HOLE like their African brothers.

That's the way I understand it. But why? One reason is that white people are just good. We do things good. We build good stuff. We're good farmers. We're hard workers.
^ Christine Lagarde. Another reason white countries are so superior and great is the IMF, which allows rich countries to screw over the poor countries. Great Invention - the IMF.

How to steal from Africa, all perfectly legally
Africa loses at least $50 billion a year — and probably much, much more than that — perfectly lawfully. About 60% of this loss is from aggressive tax avoidance by multinational corporations, which organise their accounts so that they make their profits in tax havens, where they pay little or no tax.......Africa has provided the rest of the world with $1.7 trillion, at a conservative estimate. Africa is a capital exporter.

I hope I have been helpful, explaining why stuff is the way it is in South Africa.

1. Norway — For the 12th consecutive year, Norway ranked highest in life expectancy, education, and standard of living.

http://africanarguments.org/2016/05/06/ ... y-legally/
Ukraine is broke, and undertook a war on that portion of the country that provided 30% of GDP. Now a draft, for an army, for a war, for a government that will - get this - implement IMF/EU *austerity*.
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