Where are the headlines?

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Where are the headlines?

Postby Graham Adder » Jan 3rd, 2013, 10:27 pm

We all know there are cults with large numbers of brainwashed followers waiting to be told what to do by their leader.
We know there are fanatics that have been hoarding the staples they deem a necessity for the end of days.
We seen the hype regarding the end of the world.
We seen the hype around a supposed zombie apocalypse.
We've heard for many years of groups that were not only believers in the so called end of the world, but they actually preached it as a gospel truth to be shared, promoted and planned for...for many years now.

So, with all this planning...bomb shelters made from rows of buried school buses, shipping containers and rocket silos...food and weapon caches, water filtering systems and impenetrable fortifications...
With all the grouping, gathering and assembling of cult-like communities...the indoctrination of command chains and rules, regulations and politics within these small societies...
After all the welding, fabricating, bug out scheduling and contingency plans...
Millions spent in Hollywood making bad movies depicting the chaos surrounding Dec.22, 2012.
Books written.
Scholars studying.
Fanatics anticipating.
Politicians addressing.

...not one single BOLD HEADLINE regarding people doing the crazy-arse caca people do under such times?

Not one?

Do ya think we're all being fed the purple juice in some sense?
I smell something foul and I'm certain for once that it's not me, my socks or my shoes.
I do believe it's mutton.

We shoulda heard more...
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Re: Where are the headlines?

Postby cliffy1 » Jan 4th, 2013, 3:54 am

Neat avatar, by the way.
Probably many of these people are still hold up thinking they were off on their prediction dates, that it still going to happen sooner or later. Their food caches and bunkers are still maintained and ready for immediate occupancy at a moments notice. After all, asteroids, militant fanatics and zombies are still a threat. I really don't think that we should give nutters much air time because it would give them some cred and others may start to do the same.

In case you are wondering why I included zombies, think about if the power went off in the cities for say a week or two. What would all the couch potato TV, FOX news and gaming addicts do? What do you think the streets would look like. No food in the stores, people would turn into cannibals... zombie apocalypse. Governments don't want mass panic. We have enough loonies running lose in the world without adding to the problem.
Trying to get spiritual nourishment from a two thousand year old book is like trying to suck milk from the breast of a woman who has been dead that long.
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Re: Where are the headlines?

Postby kibbs » Jan 4th, 2013, 5:30 am

the media is not the message of the people ,its the tool used to feed us propaganda
Peace be with you.
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