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Re: Digital detox

Postby kgcayenne » Jan 28th, 2013, 12:48 pm

Could I Kick:

Cell phone – irrelevant as I have the next

Iphone – no, aside from texting, I use it for a multitude of tasks but not as a phone, oddly enough

Ipod – don’t need one, have an iPhone.

Ipad – don’t have one, but want one, and would ditch the iPhone for an iPad that connects over the cell network

Netflix – don’t have it or care

Facebook – No, I mostly have family on my list, and we all share photography & hiking activity on it because they are common activities among us all.

Chatlines – don’t use them

Tag – I have no idea what that is. I’ve heard people have a thing for Tumblr, though.

If I had to trim the e-nventory, it would start with the cable box, then internet service, I would nuke the iPhone last because it can provide what the other two can. (the iPhone provides great picture to the TV, iTunes rents a better selection of movies, and most TV channels re-run their programs online anyway.)
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Re: Digital detox

Postby Jonrox » Jan 28th, 2013, 4:43 pm

You learn a lot about someone when they call the use of digital devices a habit or an addiction. The use of digital devices is a normal part of life... as normal now as using electricity and running water.. There's no reason to feel guilty for embracing technological innovation. Those who fail to adapt are only limiting their own ability to interact with and learn about the people and world around them.
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Re: Digital detox

Postby Queen K » Jan 28th, 2013, 6:29 pm

It is a normal part of life Jonox, yes it is.

But when did it become normal to be texting your friends in class? To not be able to resist that little beep or vibration even for a nanosecond?

When did it become normal to be sitting at a table with a cell phone laid out so you can see it, on a date? Or with friends for an after work beer?

I've been in places where everyone is looking at their phones, and not at what is going on around them. Much less each other.

When did it become normal to run a business, on your other jobs time, via texting and emails?

Or to have to be plugged in while someone else is driving as in, watching a movie and not showing the least bit of interest in what you are passing by, the scenery, the look of a new town or the vintage vehicles that are passing you by?

The whole message seems to be "just be plugged in", but don't be present for people, places or things.
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Re: Digital detox

Postby GenuinelyInterested » Jan 28th, 2013, 7:04 pm

Could "I" detox? I have deliberately avoided ALL, except the cell phone. I carry it ONLY for emergencies. I have never exceeded my 30 minutes/month plan. I have 10 free favorites and have only used two (work and home). I had text messages disabled when I signed up with my new plan. I only need to charge my phone 1x/week. I absolutely hate those that type in abbreviated/un-capitalized/poorly punctuated form. I have a free mailbox on my new phone but will not return any calls. (If you REALLY need to talk to me, call back), if I am not busy....I will answer.
When I am at home, IF I am within hearing distance of my phone, and I do not have to run to answer it, and you have the patience to let it ring enough times, I will answer. (I hate it when the phone rings only 3 times and then stops.)
When I do answer and I get (put on hold, for the next available.........). I hang-up. I have now employed a service that blocks all "off shore, computer generated calls". Best $1.00 /mth. I ever spent.

AND YES, I own and operate my own business. I have more work than I ever had, in my life. I make more money than I ever have in the past. AND, I am at peace with myself and my choices. Thank you very much for the technology to enable my customers to reach me, but if you really want to talk/do business with me, come see me in person, bring cash and be prepared to wait.
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Re: Digital detox

Postby LANDM » Jan 29th, 2013, 6:26 am

Cell phone. No, it is part of my normal communications. Personal and business.
Iphone. Use a blackberry. Texting, phoning, some web browsing, pictures, some apps.
Ipod. No, it has my thousands of songs in my car. It doesn't move from there.
Ipad. Got one recently. Really like it but could give it up.
Netflix. Don't use it.
Facebook. Used it for a while until bombarded with people from 30-40 yrs ago that I don't really care about. No longer use it.
Chatlines. Don't use.
Tag. Haven't played since my kids were little. Maybe there is a new version of tag that I am not aware of?

It is interesting how this thread turns into a bit of a Luddite competition for some. :137:
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