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Re: #MeToo

Postby Silverstarqueen » Jan 16th, 2019, 8:27 pm

sherashera wrote:So what things offend you, it's getting old ladies! Report something when it happens, not 20 years later on your instagram account. Don't flash half naked photos of yourself on social media outlets and then whine that men liked it. Get over it, move on.

Given that large numbers of men were sexually assaulted as children, teens, young adults, and given that the reporting of men who have experienced sexual assault is still catching up to the levels of women reporting abuse, I really think it is unfair to discount their reports or suffering just because they wait until adulthood to report. Sometimes it takes 20 years before the victims are mentally prepared and mature enough to address the harm that was done to them. This is a well recognized phenomenon by now. Some of those men retreated into their shell and suffered alone, some came out and even acted out sexually in various ways before dealing with their past abuse.
I don't think we should be so judgemental or presume to tell them how to deal with this. I think they should be encouraged to share their pain, when they are ready, regardless of how they might have behaved in the meantime.
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