Should society spend $750,000 a year to keep a person alive?

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Re: Should society spend $750,000 a year to keep a person al

Postby Verum » Nov 18th, 2017, 6:15 pm

Thinktank wrote:
Verum wrote:To a business there is no such thing as being rich enough. Their primary purpose is to make as much wealth for their owners as possible:

So she was right after all.


Guylaine Lanctot said the drug companies don't want people to be healthy.

That is such a huge leap of faith that even Evel Knievel thinks it is reckless!
That said, of course the drug companies want people to need their products, which is why the incentive to create cures is far less than the incentive to treat symptoms.

ETA: It's not that the drug companies want to make you unwell, just that if to be well you need their product, they would be rather happy to help you be well for a fee. It's not that they are making you sick, but even if they know how to cure you, they will still take the action which will net them the most money, no matter whether that cures, helps, etc. you or not.
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