Rant: A prime example of the Sunshine Tax.

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Re: Rant: A prime example of the Sunshine Tax.

Postby stevei » Nov 25th, 2017, 5:41 pm

This is so true of the job situation in Kelowna.Last year a respected bank,BMO, came out with a report about the best and worst places to get a good job in Canada. Kelowna was #1 on the worst place to get a job. This study wasnt from some wacked out radical outfit. It was from the BMO.What was the response from the mayor and other local politicians. Complete denial. Flawed study,not true etc. Folks one look around and you can see whats going on here but,like all things in life, you cant fix a problem when you deny you have one. cheers
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Re: Rant: A prime example of the Sunshine Tax.

Postby adionline » Nov 27th, 2017, 5:37 pm

JLives wrote:
adionline wrote:It's funny watching people complain about someone offering too little. Guess what, that company owes you nothing, Kelowna owes you nothing and life owes you nothing. There are far too many entitled people out there thinking they should be making 100k+ a year just because they went to school. If you think you're worth more then prove it to yourself and start a business, then eventually you can be part of the solution and hire people at higher wages. There's your bit of "little work". Except we both know 99% of people would rather complain than take responsibility for their situation.

What a *bleep* bitter attitude. Guess what a$$hole, if everyone starts a business they won't have anyone to do the actual work. Owners are NOTHING without production workers. Just self entitled pricks who think they deserve a gold medal for starting a business. Show some goddamn gratitude and respect to those doing the actual work.

I'm the one that's bitter, eh? [icon_lol2.gif] [icon_lol2.gif] [icon_lol2.gif] :smt045

Thanks for the laugh.
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Re: Rant: A prime example of the Sunshine Tax.

Postby StraitTalk » Nov 27th, 2017, 11:49 pm

It's funny to watch people in this thread get bent out of sorts based on their point of view. One thing remains true, this is a prime example of the sunshine tax.
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