Straight Hair Versus Curly Hair

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Straight Hair Versus Curly Hair

Postby Glacier » Nov 24th, 2017, 1:15 pm

Once in a while my wife straightens her hair, and she swears that people treat her differently with straight hair. I, of course, have to very careful. I can't be too complimenting of her with straight hair lest she think I'm really into straight haired women, and I can't not give some compliments since that would imply I don't like her straight hair, but for the rest of you, you can say what you want, and it seems to her that people treat her as more intelligent or at least pay closer attention to her when she has straight hair.

Now, I'm sure I could google this answer, but I thought it would fun to ask first if you've noticed a difference. Have you noticed a difference when you straighten your hair (if you have curly or wavy hair)?

Perhaps, it's the change that gives you more kudos? What happens if you have straight hair naturally, and then curl it? Maybe men like it straight and women like it curly?
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Re: Straight Hair Versus Curly Hair

Postby Catsumi » Nov 24th, 2017, 7:17 pm

This subject is just too kinky for me

nothing wrong with being open minded as long as your brains don't fall out.

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Re: Straight Hair Versus Curly Hair

Postby alanjh595 » Nov 24th, 2017, 7:33 pm

The questions and the right or wrong answers have plagued men for centuries. It doesn't matter how you react or do your best to compliment her hair........you will NEVER be right.
Your personal expressions will either be too much, or not enough enthusiasm. BUT if she has naturally straight hair and you give too great of an enthusiastic response to her curly hair.......She will immediately ask if you WHY don't like her natural hair, and question you as to why you married her in the first place if she was such a hideous creature.

YOU can NOT win! It doesn't matter what you say, how you say it, or at what level of enthusiasm you express. You are doomed!

Maybe the best way to handle this situation is to say, "Yeah babe, that looks great", and look immediately back at the TV or Cnet forum pages.

I feel for you brother, I really do. If you need the name of a good divorce lawyer, PM me.

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Re: Straight Hair Versus Curly Hair

Postby Lady tehMa » Nov 24th, 2017, 8:20 pm

The difference is in how we view ourselves.

When my hair was straight, I wanted curly hair. Now my hair is curly (thank you pregnancy hormones) and I miss my straight hair (no one told me about frizz).

As a wife, when I spend time on my appearance I often feel more confident. That confidence translates into interpersonal relations - if I am more confident people will notice. My husband certainly does!

Does that help at all, Glacier?
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Re: Straight Hair Versus Curly Hair

Postby SuperMom » Nov 25th, 2017, 10:26 am

The only time my hair is perfectly straight or curled is when I visit my hairdresser, and that is only 3 or 4 times a year. I am super low maintenance and can't be bothered to take extra time or fuss over my hair. When I do get my hair done, regardless of whether my stylist straightens or curls it, I love how my hair looks and how I feel about myself. I get complimented equally on both looks.

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Re: Straight Hair Versus Curly Hair

Postby Bsuds » Nov 25th, 2017, 10:30 am

Ah yes the question that can get us Men into so much trouble...do these jeans make me look fat!

I plead the fifth. lol

As to hair I would be happy just to have some and prefer it straight.
Deja Poo, the feeling I've heard all this crap before!

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Re: Straight Hair Versus Curly Hair

Postby JLives » Nov 25th, 2017, 10:40 am

I wear mine all kinds of ways as long as it takes 5 minutes or less and minimal skill. I suck at girlie stuff. But it can be fun. I've started wearing makeup again after not wearing any for several years. I'm very aware I'm raising a daughter and want her to focus on building self confidence through skills and achievements. I prefer my hair curly but do straighten it sometimes. I can't say I notice a difference in how I'm treated as I'm generally always treated well. :admin:
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Re: Straight Hair Versus Curly Hair

Postby Silverstarqueen » Nov 25th, 2017, 11:48 am

I've had straight hair most of my life, and for some reason it's gone sort of curly, wavy, so it 's a nice change, as far as I'm concerned.
If my hubby had a definite preference I would prefer he said so e.g. when I was going to get a hair cut I asked it he had any thoughts, and just said, not too short. which was fine by me.

I think a woman might feel different with straight vs curly hair, and therefore that might affect the way people treat them. I haven't noticed much of a difference myself.
If you are looking for a safer comment/response you could try something like, how do you feel with curly vs. straight hair?
With my friends, if they ask I generally give them a positive response to their hair choices, I mean, what can you say? No, go back and redo your hair color, length, style?
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Re: Straight Hair Versus Curly Hair

Postby Queen K » Nov 25th, 2017, 5:51 pm

Can I throw hair colour into the fray? I've been thinking of rediscovering my love for a new hair colour, red head anyone?

As it is, I have very curly hair. It has plagued me, pleased me, tortured me and in general made people make comments like, "you are SO LUCKY!" Usually on days I feel like having my hair cut down to 1" all around. That was actually done to me once, it was great as I was travelling light back then.

Am I lucky? Frizz, thank you Lady T, or comments like, "was it windy outside" from seniors who think they're funny. No, I have natural curl, I can brush it a hundred times over and it's curly. End of story.

Oddly, I've never thought to straighten my hair. Remember, I'm "so lucky!"

So I have nothing to go on for how I'm treated. Back to a drawing board?
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