Homlessness Happens

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Re: Homlessness Happens

Postby Because_They_Lie » Nov 25th, 2017, 5:09 pm

giggly1 wrote:Homelessness does happen for a variety of reasons but I find it in poor taste to condemn any individuals who are in this position for any reason.

Not one person in this world is 'perfect' and everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity despite anything some might not agree with :biggrin:
- Whatever happened to compassion and empathy? Might have taken a turn similar to that of common sense :biggrin:

The sad reality is that with the cost of living being so high and wages being low (in many instances) many find it difficult to even make ends meet let alone save for the future. The opportunity to save for retirement obviously increases when the individual(s) attends post secondary and can make more money but many on disability or assistance don't/won't qualify for enough financial help to do so.

Speaking from experience, if you're on disability or social assistance, you usually have no money left over for a savings account of any kind. You're only allowed to make a certain amount each year (called the Annual Earnings Exemption or AEE) and after you reach that limit, you are expected to pay back dollar for dollar - never getting ahead or being able to save. Going back to school to get a better job so you can get off or out of the system is virtually impossible particularly as you age. In some cases, CPP and the like are/can be 'clawed back' if even received at all. If you are a spouse of an individual with disabilities, there is nothing there to support you going to school/work and often any such expenses are out of your own pocket...

Yes indeed there are some who abuse the system, but I urge individuals to try to get all of the facts before they paint everyone with the same brush....

Beautiful! I am so glad to hear you speak. Thank you.
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Re: Homlessness Happens

Postby giggly1 » Nov 25th, 2017, 6:48 pm

You can be guaranteed that a majority of those on disability/social assistance can account for every penny. Most of us have to in order to survive or even retain any benefits on a monthly basis...

I must admit - I am honored to be recognized as one of 'them' because, despite our situation, I volunteer in the community and contribute to the economic well being of my community/province/country by working and purchasing local goods/services. I am also kind and compassionate and consider myself as lucky to have what I do have - a home, a loving family, a sense of humor and best of all, I am alive...booo yaaaa! :biggrin:

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Re: Homlessness Happens

Postby Fancy » Nov 25th, 2017, 7:02 pm

Everyone reaps what they sow - unfortunate that it's not figured out until it really matters.
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