Why are your kids in school

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Why are your kids in school

Postby Zork » Dec 3rd, 2017, 1:36 pm

This seems like a really one sided view on this subject. I agree to praise kids in effort rather than results but I'm yet to witness a human being persist at full effort with out a clear goal or positive recordable results. "Not everybody is a winner all the time even if the kid tried his or her best" yes it's "learning" and not "winning" but not all kids are the same. Is it bad to praise a good report card? I mean the kid tried and did good no? It's a different feeling or type of winning when you are the best at what your naturally good at as opposed to doing your personal best at something your really struggle with. I think we should have grades and teach kids that it's possible to fail (Or a "C" is awsome if there was strong effort put in).. One day when they graduate and get a job they might learn the concept of failing the hard way. I feel report cards are a good thing and they should be used as a tool in learning and a source if encouragement.
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Re: Why are your kids in school

Postby Silverstarqueen » Dec 3rd, 2017, 2:47 pm

Should put a link to the article, but I happen to have read it already.
I had the same sort of thoughts. yes, we can encourage our child's best efforts. But surely that doesn't mean we can't also celebrate their success.
I used to tease my kids a bit when they got a really outta site good mark like a 95% or something. I'd say "Hey, that's great, just imagine what you could have got if you'd studied!" So I suppose we can't razz them either eh? I mean when parents are chastised for praising a job well done, it's getting pretty sad. There are so many pitfalls already in parenting, can't we just allow them a tiny bit of pride when their child gets a good report?
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Re: Why are your kids in school

Postby ferri » Dec 3rd, 2017, 2:53 pm

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