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Postby LTD » Jan 15th, 2018, 9:28 am

greenmile wrote:
uniped27 wrote:The real estate pricing in this province is ridiculous. The higher the price goes, the more everyone makes but you. You don't need the high profit on your house because all you do is pay it out to next house you buy. The only winners here are the real estate company and agent. Not to mention the government with all of their taxes and transfer taxes. The big loser is you and your children who will never be able to afford to own a home. We have a large group of people that sit in a chamber and have no control or balls to make the right decision. That decision is common sense! You need to lower the price of housing. How, can you do this? Very simple, you make it a change to the law. There is no more increase in the price of housing and you lower the price of housing by 5% per year over a 10 year period. Everybody will then be able to afford to purchase a house in the near future. You will also curb the desire to have foreign investors come in a purchase your homes. They won't buy in a market that has a decreasing market. That is the only way to help our children have a hope of owning their own home in the near future.

Don’t worry Nature takes care of greedy,selfish people,sad thing is innocent people pay too.People laughed when I said there’s so much snow in Big White last yr that it’s going too flood in Kelowna.The snow pac is high again

none of the snow at big white ends up in Kelowna might be why they laughed
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