Political Conversions

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Political Conversions

Postby Glacier » Jan 25th, 2018, 10:30 am

I was having a discussion with Jonathan Kay the other day about people who have had dramatic political conversions. We came up with quite a few people who have become right-wingers overnight. eg. During the Trump election campaign, Candace Owens (AKA Red Pill Black) went from left-winger to right-winger over a single incident.

There are lots of other examples like David Horowitz who where Marxists and are now hard core right-wingers, but we could only think of a single example of someone dramatically going the other way -- Ezra Levant's former buddy, Michael Coren. One day he was a hard core Ezra Levant loving Catholic conservative, and the next day he was full blown Anglican progressive championing gay rights and condemning his former self.

Can you think of others who have switched from one side to the other? Have you? I'm interested in both directions, but I'm looking more for others going from right to left since they seem to be harder to find.
“There's no point in you betraying your future self to gratify your present self. It's a stupid game.”
~Jordan B. Peterson
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