Question for women Re: High Heels.

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Re: Question for women Re: High Heels.

Postby Poindexter » Feb 5th, 2018, 10:45 am

Us men don't often wear heels but when we do,
We call them something manly like, cowboy boots.

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Re: Question for women Re: High Heels.

Postby Fancy » Feb 5th, 2018, 10:51 am

I used to wear very high heels until the pressure on the ball of my foot became a significant issue. There are a lot of youtubes showing women who can't walk in high heels and I really don't see too many that do it properly. When the brickwork was done downtown women complained about getting their heels caught in the cracks. I'm sure more than a few twisted an ankle or two. The pros are height and complements an outfit - the cons are bad posture, ruined floors (subway floors had to be replaced in one city), and health issues. I'll take the cowboy boots - both sexes look good in them.
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Re: Question for women Re: High Heels.

Postby Lady tehMa » Feb 5th, 2018, 5:30 pm

alanjh595 wrote:This is an honest and sincere question. It is one that I have thought about for many years. I promise I will not make any disparaging remarks about your answers/reasons. I just want to understand a few things about wearing high heels. This is a multifaceted question.

1. Why?
Why do you wear them? It's nice to "dress up" once in a while, especially when going out
Do they make you feel taller? Yes
Do they accentuate certain posterior muscles? I've never noticed
Are they beneficial to your posture? I find it harder to slump, so maybe?
Are they more comfortable than flat shoes? Depends on the quality of the shoe, and the height of the heel. 3 inches is definitely too high for me, unless the base is lifted.
(I am not complaining, I like to see a fine set of heels on a woman).

2. Training.
Does wearing heels take training? Practice, it definitely takes practice. It changes your centre of gravity and how your weight is distributed across your feel.
Do they require practice? See above
Are they hard on your spine? Bad shoes definitely can be. If you wear heels exclusively you can have issues with your calf muscles shortening.
Do you have to develop ankle muscles to be able to walk properly? No. I wobble all over the place on skates, but not so much on heels.

3. Fashion.
Are they worn for the sake of fashion? Often
Are you aware of how much noise they make when walking on a hard surface? Yes, and a true pro can make them almost silent - I tend to be heard long before I arrive.

4. Attraction.
Do you wear them to be more attractive? Yes, because I like it when my husband appreciates how I look.
Do you wear them to be feel more attractive? Yes, for the same reason.
Does the noise that is being made while walking notify others that you are approaching? Depends on how good you are at walking in heels.
And do you know that recognisable noise causes others to look at you and aware that you are there? LOL - given that I make enough noise to scare small animals they're probably looking to see if they need to move :laugh:

5. Sexually definitive.
Do you wear them to define that you are female? I wouldn't say they define me, but I definitely feel more feminine in them.
(I know that a man would never wear them).

6. Practicality.
They might look nice, but they are not really practical in all environmental situations.
Does these limitations have any role in your choice of footwear?
For example:
Snow/slush. Wear boots and change out at the venue, husband drops me off at the door.
Rain/puddles. see above
Sand/beach. No one wears high heels on the beach.
Playground/turf/dirt. Weight forward on your toes to prevent heels sinking in.
Sidewalks & streets....pot holes/cracks/storm drains/cobble stones. Surprisingly easy to navigate, especially with a fellow on your arm (mine is so thoughtful).

7. Limitations.
Do you feel limited by your choice of footwear as to where you can walk and how fast you can travel? I do have to make husband slow down as I take little steps.
Do you feel more vulnerable when wearing high heels? No.
Are you an easier target for robbery? No.
Is your ability to defend yourself diminished by your choice of foot wear? Actually, it can be accentuated by the footwear. Some years ago I was taking self-defense courses, the fellow teaching had been a bouncer for a while in Las Vegas. He can recall high heels doing a surprising amount of damage to offenders feet, including one case where a stilleto heel actually punched through a guys foot.

Please don't get my questions wrong, I do appreciate an attractive pair of heels when they are worn by the right woman. I didn't start to really notice until lately when I started "hearing" the noise of high heels on a hard surface. In my house, it is all socks, all the time, which is easy because I live alone. I have become very aware of sounds that I rarely experience any more.

I probably have way too much time to put this to paper. I am just curious.

Summary: I like 'em, my husband likes me in them, but I don't often wear them anymore.
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You're welcome.

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Re: Question for women Re: High Heels.

Postby mexi cali » Feb 5th, 2018, 8:50 pm

I have three favorite footwear types. 1) bare. 2) flip flops 3)cowboy boots. That covers all the seasons.
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