$5 million for "some" fruit growers. Others get nothing.

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$5 million for "some" fruit growers. Others get nothing.

Postby Thinktank » Feb 24th, 2018, 2:19 pm

The province has unveiled a new $5 million fund to assist "some" tree-fruit growers with replacing aging equipment and infrastructure, B.C. Agriculture Minister Lana Popham announced today.

Looks like while Dan Ashton is very busy saving $millions for extremely wealthy people of BC, more and more smaller fruit growers will soon be going out of business. Whenever BC gives out free money to "some" fruit growers to upgrade their paccking houses, that means other smaller growers can't compete - and will soon be out of business.

Why not give the money - EQUALLY - to all fruit growers? Anyone know?

The BC government has been doing this for thirty years. They brag about "helping" the fruit industry, but they only
help a few. Others can go fly a kite, or go bankrupt.

Where's Dan Ashton? Maybe he would like to fight for fruit growers who provide jobs in the valley.

https://www.surreynowleader.com/busines ... t-growers/
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Re: $5 million for "some" fruit growers. Others get nothing.

Postby Silverstarqueen » Feb 24th, 2018, 4:25 pm

The plan has been to put small producers out of business for years.

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