The Psychology of Progressive Hostility

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The Psychology of Progressive Hostility

Postby Glacier » Jan 3rd, 2019, 9:53 pm


Recently, I arrived at a moment of introspection about a curious aspect of my own behavior. When I disagree with a conservative friend or colleague on some political issue, I have no fear of speaking my mind. I talk, they listen, they respond, I talk some more, and at the end of it we get along just as we always have. But I’ve discovered that when a progressive friend says something with which I disagree or that I know to be incorrect, I’m hesitant to point it out. This hesitancy is a consequence of the different treatment one tends to receive from those on the Right and Left when expressing a difference of opinion. I am not, as it turns out, the only one who has noticed this. ... ... hostility/
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Re: The Psychology of Progressive Hostility

Postby dirtybiker » Jan 3rd, 2019, 10:21 pm

^^^Thanks, a good read, certainly helps me understand why I can sure
seem to pizz off certain people.
Coincidence ???? Usually scholarly, professional students, or educators
seem to be the easiest offended and belligerent when presented with
a different angle or view.
There is no debate about their view..more a demand.

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