Preparing for Armageddon and / or Other Disasters

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Re: Preparing for Armageddon and / or Other Disasters

Postby Scorp » Sep 17th, 2019, 7:36 pm

If anyone wants to get away from people and pretend there was an EMP then all they have to do is act like that prepper family in the OP video. :biggrin:

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Re: Preparing for Armageddon and / or Other Disasters

Postby Laurane » Sep 18th, 2019, 12:10 pm

The USA's problems become Canada's problems whether we like it or not. If anything major happened to a power grid (all grids in Canada/USA are inter-tied except for Texas), we could have cascading failures depending on whether California was having a massive heat wave and needed power for A/C and needed more from Phoenix AZ than they were willing to supply (same heatwave?) There is only so much power/water to supply energy-hungry States and Provinces.

When Quebec had that power failure in 1989 from a solar storm, it affected the NE US states.....fortunately it wasn't mid-winter.
How would you all have managed if it had happened in January in Kelowna in a bad year. Or in Alberta anytime in winter if you weren't at least a little prepared and had some form of heating or a place to go (after having shut off and drained your water pipes so they didn't freeze - does insurance cover that, are you informed). Would you have enough food to live on without a trip to 7-11 for milk, and a way to cook your food.

Schools/work probably wouldn't be open - have you considered what your family would do all day, what would happen if you were all separated when the power went out and you had to take LRT or bus and the street and traffic lights weren't working? Do you have a plan to get home or meet somewhere?

This is real prepping - not everyone having a bunker for a nuke going off - though if N. korea sets off a small nuke over Seattle, then the EMP will affect everyone in the Okanagan. Got a way to get home without a newer car with all the little computerized bits not working any more - long walk without bottles of water, when the stores are emptied and you can't get to your ATM or bank because nothing works anymore, and it is 20 miles to home.

Preparing for any disaster is just a sensible way to live - you have insurance for your vehicles, on your life, why not a bit of extra food and water, some planning, some friends you can depend on for help, a little cash at home, for added insurance.

Lots of info on the internet, but most just say it won't happen to them till it does.

And no, you can't come to my house unless you bring your own food :biggrin:
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