Secondary Suites in West Kelowna

Re: Secondary Suites in West Kelowna

Postby fall » Dec 10th, 2012, 4:43 pm

It all depends on how EVERBODY in the community keeps it, I personally rented a short term unit from a friend of mine who is one of kelownas larger developers, the unit itself had a suite in the basement. and If I recall correctly. -10 homes out of the 20-25 homes had a suite, all were rented out. There was no over grown grass, or oil stains that you speak of. people respected the area( maybe cause it was brandnew? ) not sure. but everybody did their part and the area looked nice and I would say it would have been hard to pick out which houses had a suite and which one didnt...[/quote]

Im in a new area to and it is easy to pick out the suites, a good first hint is 4 vehichles at a house including driveway and parked on the street, in my area a few have even taken out their lawn to make room for parking spots sideways along the street but just off. And then the multiple door entries one at the front and one at the side or back with different people using each. The grass isnt really overgrown here though its just dead or weeds. And alot of times the tenants dont stay long term so there is always someone moving in or out, Kind of hard not to see around here if you ever look out the window, drive down the street or go for a walk!
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