Glenmore Road Accidents.

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Glenmore Road Accidents.

Postby Ken7 » Jan 17th, 2013, 9:25 pm

Today I travelled Glenmore Road to Winfield. Once again, van upside down in the ditch. Hope no one was injured.

The question, I ask is why so many accidents on this roadway? Is it the speed or the condition or just piss poor drivers?

In thinking about it, I usually travel a little over the limit to make time. However, when the roads are as they were today a bit damp, I slow down driving at a reasonable and safe speed. Why you never know if you will drive onto ice.

I had on several occasions a female tail gating me. She most likely didn’t even see the vehicle in the ditch, which I of course pointed out.

Now think about it, the speed limit is set at a speed, which is safe for travel when considering perfect road conditions.

Riding my butt while I do the speed limit is not safe; it is further inconsiderate and driving without consideration for others. You will one day be that vehicle in the ditch, I just hope you are alone when you roll so you do not harm anyone else.

I do have your photo and licence plate number!!
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