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Re: The easter bunny and swines

Postby GordonH » Apr 18th, 2017, 12:54 pm

Kelo_Can613 wrote:Here's how I see it:

If you're irked enough about this whole ordeal to post about it on a Castanet forum you should be willing to dispute your ticket -- unless, of course, you know you were in the wrong and are just angry. I'd be angry if I got a ticket, too, but at some point one needs to decide if he/she is going to dispute the ticket. If my excuse to not dispute a ticket was because I was too financially strapped to miss 4 hours of work, I sure as heck would not just pay the ticket (what is it, $100?). And even if I was guilty, I'd at least attempt for a reduction in fine. You don't even have to attend court to ask for a reduction in fine if you're going to plead guilty.

It's simple. Traffic court is either in the morning or in the afternoon. You only have to wait around if you're disputing the violation and the officer actually shows up and is willing to proceed with the dispute. If you show up you could be out in literally 5 minutes if the officer is not there or if he decides to cancel your ticket.

You have three options: pay the ticket, dispute the ticket or ask for a reduction, or don't pay the ticket and you'll just be deemed guilty. Complaining about the encounter and the ticket on a public forum is not going to do anything.

Side note: if this officer is a prick, your not disputing the ticket only validates him/her further.

MOTOR VEHICLE ACT wrote:Change of address or name
14 (1) If the address of the owner of a vehicle licensed under this Act is changed from the address stated in the application on which the licence was issued or as shown on the licence, the owner must, within 10 days of the change of address, notify the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia in writing or by some other means approved by the corporation of the owner's old and new address.

(2) In case of a change of name, by marriage or otherwise, of the owner of a vehicle licensed under this Act, the owner must within 10 days notify the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia in writing of the former name and the new name in full.

http://www.bclaws.ca/civix/document/LOC ... e%20Act%20[RSBC%201996]%20c.%20318/00_Act/96318_01.xml#section14

There are different department in RCMP, one of which is traffic
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Re: The easter bunny and swines

Postby Bsuds » Apr 18th, 2017, 12:59 pm

speedybeedy wrote:
And Im still trying to rack my brain why its of any importance at all that they have to know our current address and are able to fine us for failing to update our address, we are forced to do this every 5 years when our drivers license expires and its invasion of privacy in my opinion, it does matter where I live, my vehicle is registered and insured and I have a valid drivers license,I cannot receive another drivers license when I renew if my fines aren't paid, so what, are you going to come to my house and arrest me if I don't pay my fines, head shaker.

I agree with most of what you say here. But what would happen if you were hurt (or hopefully not) killed in an accident and the info on your license and in the database was wrong. Then they go to tell your wife etc what has happened and they go to the wrong place. How do they now find out where they are supposed to go?

There are generally good reasons for these things even if you don't think so.

I can appreciate that you are unhappy with the fine but it is of your own doing and not the fault of the RCMP member, whether he is an *bleep* or not isn't the point.
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Re: The easter bunny and swines

Postby Steve-O » Apr 19th, 2017, 7:00 am

You make your bed and you lay in it.

Thanks for coming back and clarifying but still seems like you poked the bear and got bit.
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