Climate Change Already Here

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Re: Climate Change Already Here

Postby JLives » Aug 9th, 2017, 8:14 am

Internet forum posters taking the word of bloggers and You tubers over the findings of a planet full of climate scientists doesn't make it stop happening. You not understanding climate science doesn't make it go away. Al Gore's opinion is as irrelevant as yours is. Actual climate scientists are telling us this IS happening. They are the only people I care to hear from on the topic of it occurring. Check your ego and listen to the scientists.

And now a right winger who will post a "scientist" who blogged something that happens to agree with their view while simultaneously dismissing the vast majority of climate scientists who don't.
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Re: Climate Change Already Here

Postby fvkasm2x » Aug 9th, 2017, 8:53 am

Climate change is definitely here. To say otherwise, is just ignorant. It's pretty clear that the Earth is changing. We're killing ourselves off and doing a damn good job of it by killing insects, animals and the Earth itself.

THE REAL DEBATE is about how much of it is caused by humans and not just a natural warming cycle.
HOW MUCH is caused by vehicles? HOW MUCH is caused by factories, pollution and chemicals? There's simply no way to know.

It's a complete joke for people (especially governments) to talk about carbon footprints and saying we as consumers or individuals need to reduce our contributions to the problem... all the while allowing millions of cars to be made every year. Completely embracing consumerism and allowing factories to keep pumping out plastics, metals and everything else that harms the planet... while plumes of smoke and pollution billow out of the factories. While chemicals are dumped into the rivers and oceans.

You'd actually reduce your carbon footprint more by getting your small appliances fixed, buying 2nd hand clothes and simply using everything you have for longer... instead of joining the throwaway society and buying new everything every chance you get. That only makes big business make more and pollute more.

Climate change is real. Pretending we can do anything about it, other than a mass extinction event on humans is also true. We need to make less, buy less, use less, pollute less, eat less, etc... and that's not going to happen on a big enough scale to make an impact.
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