Truck slips off road into Wood Lake

Re: Truck slips off road into Wood Lake

Postby JustJay » Jan 30th, 2013, 3:32 pm

Glad to hear the driver of the truck was ok & I hope we don't hear of this happening again. It sure will be nice to have the construction complete but in the mean time we just have to be careful as we still have a ways to go before completion.

LoneWolf_53 wrote:Try doing a construction zone speed limit, rather than expecting a stretch of road you can do your usual 30kph over on, and you might well fare better.
Are you for real?? How would you know how fast I or anyone else drives? :nutzoid:
Might also want to look into how to do a quote properly! No need to I don't post enough to worry about it...looks like you got my point :eyeballspin: :eyeballspin: They give you the ability to preview a post for good reason.
Thanks for the info...
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Re: Truck slips off road into Wood Lake

Postby newnormal2014 » Jan 30th, 2013, 6:00 pm

So glad the driver is okay...just so everyone knows however I was in the line up. It was just north of the gas station, south of the pot holes by well over 200 meters. Have also been held up in traffic once a week every week since before Christmas while the construction company attempts to fix the pot holes. Yes they are temporary fixes but at this time of year I believe it is the best they can do. Regarding speed...and this doesn't apply to everyone....but sit and observe how fast people are driving through that construction zone....most times it is well above the posted speed limit of 60 km/hr. The signs are posted well in advance in both is a construction zone so caution should be taken. Again so, so glad this person is okay...and remember the highway is being built to help us all and keep us safe....
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Re: Truck slips off road into Wood Lake

Postby LoneWolf_53 » Jan 30th, 2013, 8:01 pm

^^ I agree completely with your post, and observations, ergo my remark pertaining to speeding.

We all have to remind ourselves to drive to road conditions, and in winter, in a construction zone, that may well not be the speed limit.

I'm no slouch behind the wheel if conditions are ideal, but the numbers of impatient drivers, that I've noted riding my rear bumper in adverse driving conditions, when I'm doing the speed limit as is, is simply astounding, and frightening.

Clearly for some, getting to their destination alive, doesn't appear to be a high priority.
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Re: Truck slips off road into Wood Lake

Postby givenrfarm » Jan 30th, 2013, 9:41 pm

Does anyone else not understand how lucky this driver is??? Do you know how steep the drop off in the water is? Do you know how hard it is to get a door, a window, or a person out of a lake in the freezing water?? I literally broke down in tears sitting in a Walmart parking lot reading the Castanet headline that a truck had gone off into Wood Lake. Don't even have a clue who this person is and want to give them a hug just for being ok. Just for getting out. Just to let them know I understand how terrifying it must have been. Don't judge a person on speed or blame the road construction. Trust me, they are going to read this thread at some point and be thankful some people were just kind enough to care. Imagine how they are going to feel when they read onward to see how many people's first written reaction was blame. I don't drive that stretch of road anymore without having a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. And I can't drive by the curve without a tear. So just be thankful that the person in the water wasn't you, or a loved one. Be thankful they are making a new road and you won't have to drive that stupid stretch again. I pray every frigging night I never have to see or hear of anyone else in that water ever again :(
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