Replacement host for 'The National'

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Replacement host for 'The National'

Postby Retrosnap » Jun 16th, 2017, 9:25 am

Peter Mansbridge To Be Replaced By 3 Anchors At New 'The National

I haven't watched any nightly news for years, as the focus seems to be drifting towards slick production and infotainment, as opposed to hard news. It's not as bad as the morning news show, but it's getting there. The morning news on Global has been unwatchable for years, repeating the same stuff over and over to neatly fit into the 10 second time chunks allocated by the producer.

Anyway, the comments on the attached article are somewhat interesting, but this is the CBC we're talking about.

Ian Hanomansing, I think, would be one of the front runners, but not by much. In it's desire to show how progressive it is, I think the CBC will really push the envelope, and in the process piss off most people outside of Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

Without attaching judgement, because I think that people of all races/religion/gender/etc are equally as capable as rising to the top of their respective careers, here is how I think it will shake out.

- the panel will consist of 2 females, one male
- then panel will consist of 2 visible minorities, perhaps an indigenous person
- one of the visible minorities will be either a hijabi female, or a sikh male
- one of the visible minorities will have immigrated to Canada as a child, perhaps as a refugee
- the lone caucasian member will be a francophone female

Caucasian males will likely be included when there is a panel discussion. Knowing the CBC, their role will be the cranky conservative, a la Rex Murphy or Andrew Coyne. Regardless, the days of WASP-y male news anchors are finished.

Whether this is representative of Canada today is debatable. To be sure, they are sure to anger a large portion of their viewer base, and they will feel oh so superior for being so progressive.
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Re: Replacement host for 'The National'

Postby Barney Google » Jun 18th, 2017, 8:40 am


Jian, Come Kiss Me, Ghomeshi isn't under consideration? [icon_lol2.gif]

I like Rex

He hardly fits the norm of Caucasian male news anchors and he has a funny accent. :up:
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