Do We Make Too Big Of A Deal?

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Do We Make Too Big Of A Deal?

Postby TreeGuy » Oct 19th, 2017, 8:20 am

Do we make too big of a deal when a famous person dies? I kind of think “who cares?”. Obviously many do and I am admittedly in the minority.

I just don’t see it. The person got paid huge dollars to act, sing or whatever they were famous for. Some did great things with that money. Most lived a good life doing what they loved doing. Most received awards and accolades.

What about the school teachers that teach our children or how about the nurses helping to heal the sick. As someone that just spent 7 weeks in the hospital, I can tell you that nurses physically touch the lives of people. Where is their awards show? Where is the message from the Prime Minister when one of them passes away?

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Re: Do We Make Too Big Of A Deal?

Postby zerograv » Oct 20th, 2017, 7:52 am

The message from the PM was because Gord Downie was a personal friend of his. Not every celebrity gets the fanfare that Downie received, but the Hip literally are Canadiana personified. They were the soundtrack to many things that make Canada the place it is. Hockey, road trips, camping, fishing at the lake, etc, having a drink at the bar on a cold winter evening!

Just because people celebrate the life of a celebrity like Gord Downie, doesn't mean they think any less of the people you mentioned such as nurses and teachers.

Downie should be an inspiration to Canadians because of the way he treated others, his dedication to truth and reconciliation and lastly because of his is sad that he died. Bad things do happen to the greatest of people.
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Re: Do We Make Too Big Of A Deal?

Postby WeatherWoman » Oct 20th, 2017, 9:17 am

Society mourns the rich and famous like they are a family member. But the thing is we don't know them, we know of them, we know their art but we truly don't know them, just a persona.

I don't get it. I cannot fathom grieving for someone who is not my family or friend.

I do understand feeling empathy for their family and friends as it's hard to lose someone you love. And I do understand that being sad as you will miss the opportunity for new art and/or music but the stuff you like doesn't just disappear. It's still here to enjoy.
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