Worst service ever!

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Re: Worst service ever!

Postby Bubalouie » Mar 8th, 2018, 1:52 pm

you are so right oldt. once in the big city for a company thing, one of the fellow employees took us out for oriental lunch, when we saw where we were going, was, yikes, not sure i want to eat here. No forks on the tables, everyone was oriental except for us token 5 whites, couldn't read the menu. Was THE best ever
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Re: Worst service ever!

Postby CapitalB » Mar 8th, 2018, 2:22 pm

oldtrucker wrote:There are no true, non- westernised Chinese restaurants here. Western Chinese food never has cut it for me.

1. Hole in the wall place that no white people know about.
2. No English on the menus.
3.Wait staff don't speak English.
4. You have to point to the menu or point to whatever others are having.
5. Plates of food coming from the kitchen that westerners would consider weird.
6. Chopsticks only-no forks anywhere in the place.
7. The place is busy.

Find these things, and you are in for a [email protected]$$ meal.

As for good Chinese food in Kelowna ..... :thumbsdown:

Checkout Yumi's its just like that. They even have a special menu that you have to order ahead for because its super traditional and the have to get ingredients.
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