How much does a week of groceries cost in Canada?

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Re: How much does a week of groceries cost in Canada?

Postby Bsuds » Nov 25th, 2017, 10:26 am

TylerM4 wrote:Yes, but I think most hunters will tell you that by the time you buy a gun, ammo, a hunting vehicle, license/tags, gasoline, and a deep freeze that you're not going to save much/any when compared to buying from the store. Especially if you work in the cost of your time.

Aren't you the one who suggested fishing to reduce cost? How much does a boat and motor cost? Fishing Tackle? etc, etc,

As my buddy said years ago when he caught his first Salmon...this fish just cost me $800. a pound!
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Re: How much does a week of groceries cost in Canada?

Postby Thinktank » Nov 25th, 2017, 1:11 pm

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Egypt - not bad

Mexico - too much pepsi - otherwise not bad

Poland - they like their bread. that could be bad.

Germany - looks expensive

USA - looks like they could become overweight soon. ... the-world/
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Re: How much does a week of groceries cost in Canada?

Postby Fancy » Nov 25th, 2017, 6:25 pm

You already posted that here:

That was in 2011 - you think costs have stayed the same?
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Re: How much does a week of groceries cost in Canada?

Postby FreeRights » Dec 3rd, 2017, 5:13 pm

Thinktank wrote:- Little packages of cut up vegetables cost more than if you cut it yourself - wow - who would have guessed that?
- Buy no name brand food. :smt045 Why should I? so the rich people can get the brand name stuff?
- Eat less meat. Or eat the cheaper meats. That's a whole big other topic - how much meat to eat.
- Check flyers for sales. Yup - I do that. But it's not going to help that much.
- Buy what's in season. Yup - I do that. But it's not going to help that much.
- Stock your freezer. Yup - I do that. But it's not going to help that much.
- Grow a goofy little garden. I happen to grow a bigger garden and think GlobalNews is just wasting people's time
with their advice.

It will, though.

If you're buying more - like squash - that's local and in season, you'll spend a fraction of the amount you'd spend on any of the items that are out of season. When you're talking about the best food for you, local, seasonal ingredients are that.

There's a ton of ways to cut your food budget without cutting your food. An easy way is chicken - buy all of your chicken whole, cut it down and portion it yourself. You've immediately saved money because it's cheaper to buy a whole chicken than all of it's parts separate - also convenient because different cuts of chicken don't cook to the same temperature anyway.

Reducing food waste and using all your trimmings. If you're preparing veggies, save all of the bits of carrot, celery, onion (no skin, etc), that you would otherwise throw out. Freeze them in a ziplock bag and make a veggie stock out of it. Or add it to your meat bones and create a meat stock.

If you do a little bit of reading and research to understand cooking method - roasting, braising/stewing, saute, pan roast, etc - then the ingredients in a recipe doesn't matter quite as much because you'll understand the premise of what's going on. So then you can save money by using what you have instead of buying what you think you need.

Eat leftovers.

I, for one, will buy the best quality meat that I can find, but I'll eat less of it. This means I'll be consuming more veggies, fruits, nuts, rice, etc. All of which are cheaper than meat.

Scratch make everything. Yes, even condiments. It'll be cheaper and healthier for you to make your own Greek salad dressing or your own pickles than to buy them at the store.

Point being, for those who want to eat healthier while also cutting their food budget, it's absolutely possible. You can do it even while purchasing the best ingredients you can find - but you have to make everything yourself.
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Re: How much does a week of groceries cost in Canada?

Postby Btfsplck » Dec 8th, 2017, 1:43 pm

I think $200 a week is more than enough for a family of four. Watch what people buy at Costco and you'll see why people think it cost a fortune to eat per month. Don't get me wrong, Costco has some great deals, but you need to go there with a list and stick to it. Wandering the isles and grabbing what looks good is a sure fire way to waste money on food.
Similar to what FreeRights says, we buy whole chickens and cut them up and freeze the meal size portions. We then make chicken stock out of the backs and trimmings. Freeze the stock and you can make delicious home make soups and sauces.
I'm a hunter as well and I butcher my own the game. The initial set up was a few dollars, but the payback takes only a couple of seasons and the quality of the meat can't be beat. We like good quality food, so what we buy can be expensive, but since we prep and cook our food, it ends up being less expensive than buying crappy heat-and-eat foods.

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