Donald G has passed away/Obituary

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Re: Donald G has passed away/Obituary

Postby LANDM » Feb 2nd, 2017, 9:37 am

Great post, DG Jr! Good to see that your mother was able to come on and read this. I hope she, and the rest of the family, are doing well considering your loss.

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Re: Donald G has passed away/Obituary

Postby Bpeep » Feb 2nd, 2017, 7:01 pm

Spoken just like your dad.

Blessings from all of us.
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Re: Donald G has passed away/Obituary

Postby FreeRights » Feb 7th, 2017, 6:08 pm

This is sad, I just read about it now.

RIP Donald.
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Re: Donald G has passed away/Obituary

Postby Ub2 » Feb 8th, 2017, 12:42 pm

Yes it is sad. Just read about it also.

Hope he left peacefully.

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Re: Donald G has passed away/Obituary

Postby HoboJo » Mar 20th, 2018, 10:16 pm

Late to the party. Sad.
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