Castanet Forum Rules - updated

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Castanet Forum Rules - updated

Postby Jo » May 26th, 2014, 9:37 am

The Castanet Forums are for the lively exchange of ideas through constructive debate. In order to use these forums, you agree to abide without question to our rules and guidelines, and agree to abide by any additional and/or future rules or amendments put in place. You agree to accept all moderator decisions. If you do not agree with any portion of these rules, your only option is to discontinue use of this board.

Board Moderation: Moderators are here to ensure that the rules are followed. When necessary, inappropriate posts are edited or deleted. Do not make a public challenge on a moderator decision. If you have a concern, please contact a moderator by PM or email [email protected]

Freedom of Speech: You understand that although Canada guarantees freedom of public speech for citizens, this website is not a Canadian province, and the behaviours and activities of members of this privately owned website are governed by our Castanet Forum Rules and Terms Of Service agreement.

Account Termination: You understand and agree that we may terminate any account we deem to be in violation of this agreement or any other web site policy. Please be aware that we do not accept requests to delete accounts/posts.

Multiple Accounts: Each member may have one registered account at any time.

High Maintenance Clause: If we receive constant complaints about you, or you require excessive watching/warning/editing by staff, or if you always ride just to the edge of the line, you are considered to be a high maintenance member which means that if your behaviour continues, you may be banned for general non-compliance of board guidelines and rules.

Report Button: When you see that a rule has been broken, use the Report Button (the exclamation mark in the upper right corner of each post). This takes us directly to the problem and is the fastest way to resolve the problem.

Anonymity: You are not anonymous on these discussion boards. While your identity is kept private on the board, in a defamation dispute a court may order us to turn over your email and IP address which your internet provider would cross-reference to reveal your identity.

Ownership of posts:
 While you retain full ownership and accountability of your posts, you grant Castanet a non-revocable full and perpetual license to use, display, store, copy, archive, move, edit, delete, quote, or otherwise adapt any post you make. In the event of a terminated account, Castanet shall retain the above full and perpetual license on all posts associated with the terminated account. Your material, unless source-quoted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Public Domain License: ... deed.en_CA

General Rules:

Do not make personal attacks.

Do not respond to personal attacks.

Do not alter quotes. Quote ONLY the part to which you are responding. Nested quotes will be deleted, and your post could be deleted in its entirety if you have a habit of nesting quotes (nesting quotes = quotes by several different members).

Do not post spam. Spam refers to advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, solicitations, links to personal blogs/websites/facebook pages. Do not post personal information such as your email address, real name, etc..

Use of the private messaging system to threaten, harass or spam will result in an immediate suspension of PM privileges. If you receive an inappropriate PM, please click on the exclamation mark in the message to report the problem to us.

Keep your submissions relevant to the topic.

When you are posting about a news item, keep in mind that people are innocent until proven guilty. This board will not act as a kangaroo court.

Defamatory statements/unsubstantiated allegations are not permitted.

Do not use offensive language. Do not use workarounds to the word censor.

Violating member privacy is strictly prohibited.

Pornography and links to pornography, and warez information/links are prohibited.

Do not threaten any member or suggest that they are deserving of harm.

NO negative reviews of local businesses and services.

Do not post copyright material without permission. Brief excerpts are permitted.

Links to potentially shocking or offensive news material are acceptable in the context of a mature discussion, however you must include a warning.

Do not create multiple copies of the same thread or post.

Do not post in ALL CAPS.

Do not use colour text for your entire post.

Do not include links, images or large font sizes in your signature.

Be sure to read PMs from moderators or myself. Failure to do so will result in deactivation of your account.

Breaking the Rules: For minor problems, you may receive a warning or you may receive a temporary ban. For more serious problems or very inappropriate behaviour you will receive a permanent ban.

These rules are subject to change without notice. It is your responsibility to review this page from time to time.
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