NDP stops Westside road construction out of spite?

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Re: NDP stops Westside road construction out of spite?

Postby Ka-El » Oct 2nd, 2017, 12:15 pm

Queen K wrote: I'm surprised the Castanet reporters haven't picked up on this thread and gone investigating GB's allegations. :up:

Perhaps they're waiting to see if it is going to be reported by The Rebel. :138:
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Re: NDP stops Westside road construction out of spite?

Postby Terris » Oct 16th, 2017, 9:15 pm

Queen K wrote:I too wondered how did a rumour get to three pages long.

Westside Road into a four lane highway, by passing Vernon, Lake Country and Kelowna? Hmmmm, fewer stops, no traffic lights.
That's a lot of dynamite being used to blast out some rock walls, but I can see it.

A great many small business and mid sized business owners would lose a lot of impulse business however, I wonder how much political will there would really be to "get 'er done."

And my comment earlier was not an attack against you, but I do disagree that the improvements aren't significant.

I had a property above Fintry and there was a map with the deed showing an easement for a 4 lane highway that would have passed right along the bottom of the property above La Casa through Shorts Creek. The map dated back to 1968.
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