Camp trailers Scotty Creek

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Re: Camp trailers Scotty Creek

Postby cubafreak » Feb 10th, 2018, 10:11 am

bearslayer wrote:at what point in time did everyone out here think it was ok to put a junk trailer out front of the house for 51 weeks of the year and think its just fine. this was a nice area when we came 28 years ago,now it looks like *bleep*. every 3rd house has one of these,time to stop. rent a pad ,no one whats to see this.

clarify what you define as "junk trailer" if you are meaning old and beat up, surely to God I cannot imagine that "every 3rd house" has one...yikes where do you live? I have my RV parked at my house and it most certainly is not junk! I have room on my property to store it so why should I pay to park it off site when I am not using it? My house,my business

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