Why do CBC and other canadian news do this?

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Why do CBC and other canadian news do this?

Postby goldpot501 » Aug 26th, 2018, 10:39 am

I find it strange that our so called Canadian News agencies always begin the *news* with the events in foreign country that is south of the border. Case in point: yesterday the CBC and others began with the report of passing a warmonger senator or some such. The guy was all for bombing the hell out of iran, syria and iraq. And yesterday he was hailed as *peace loving* gentlemen.
Poor fella has been shoot down while killing north Vietnamese, napalm bombs are nasty stuff .

It seems that the news we get is Firstly from the neighboring foreign country. Lets have more Canadian content and keep the foreign stuff for the last.
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Re: Why do CBC and other canadian news do this?

Postby Omnitheo » Aug 26th, 2018, 10:58 am

Didn’t you know that News companies can report on multiple things? Senator McCain was a pretty big name, with a past presidential bid and a recent bill named after him (not to mention the childish feud Trump had with him). He’s been in the news quite a bit lately and his passing was a big news item, so no harm in reporting on him.

I wouldn’t say he was a great person, and I criticized him quite a bit on the forums during his presidential bid. He did some impressive things too though and I feel it’s worth examining his life and impacts for better and for worse.
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