BC Conservative Party option.

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Re: BC Conservative Party option.

Postby Donald G » Apr 5th, 2013, 4:35 pm

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Re: BC Conservative Party option.

Postby George+ » Apr 5th, 2013, 5:59 pm

Does not say it is only for Okanagan people
Would violate free speech.

But, hey. There is the possibility the Conservatives
Could get more seats than the Liberals.

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Re: BC Conservative Party option.

Postby NAB » Apr 6th, 2013, 5:41 am

While digging through the BC Conservative's 28 page Pre-Election Platform (available in .pdf format at http://www.bcconservative.ca/wp-content ... Final1.pdf ) I noted this highlighted on page 12.... true or not true???


"B.C.’s record as a ‘have-not’ province

Canada’s provinces are designated - for

the purpose of federal equalization

transfers - with ‘have’ and ‘have-not’


Simply, have-not provinces are those

that are incapable of generating

sufficient revenues to pay for federally

mandated programs – such as health

care and social assistance – and so

they receive special payments from

Ottawa called “equalization.”

Generally, British Columbia has been

a ‘have’ province.

Yet, on several occasions over the last

few decades, we’ve fallen into ‘havenot’

status and been the beneficiaries

of Ottawa’s equalization transfers.

In the 1980s, Social Credit governments

led by Bill Bennett and Bill

Vander Zalm received three

equalization payments from Ottawa.

Bennett got the first such payment, for

$139 million, in 1983/84, and a second

for $35 million in 1984/85. Vander

Zalm obtained $360,000 in 1986/87.

The NDP under Glen Clark garnered

a single equalization transfer, of $125

million, in 1999/2000.

Gordon Campbell’s BC Liberals

received five equalization payments –

$158 million in 2001/02; $543 million

in 2002/03; $979 million in 2004/05;

$590 million in 2005/06; and $459

million in 2006/07.

So big were these latter transfers that

B.C. actually had to send back an overpayment

of $330 million in 2003/04.

In sum, B.C. received equalization

payments under Social Credit that

added up to $174 million. Under the

NDP, the total was $125 million.

And under the BC Liberals the total

amount of equalization payments

made to British Columbia was $2.4

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