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Re: The CURE for diabetes - what they don't want you to know

Postby Fancy » Dec 15th, 2017, 3:27 pm

talking about diabetes here:
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Re: The CURE for diabetes - what they don't want you to know

Postby Ka-El » Dec 15th, 2017, 3:27 pm

Thinktank wrote: the second type of food is the food that comes from farms, produced by farmers.


^^^ That's not food! That's what food eats.
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Re: The CURE for diabetes - what they don't want you to know

Postby Silverstarqueen » Dec 24th, 2017, 5:58 am

Thinktank wrote:So they're calling it an "economic tsunami" over at diabetes.ca. Diabetes costs Canadians $13 billion/year and it'll soon be $18 billion and no one wants people to know how to avoid the 'disease' because it's big money treating the disease and we all know how much people "LOVE" money.


But I've found a solution. Every supermarket has two types of food. There are the food produced by the big corporations that control almost all the food we eat, that comes in nice packages, and the second type of food is the food that comes from farms, produced by farmers.

^ that's food that is produced by farmers. Eat a variety of that type of food. Remember money should be
a concern when it comes to food. Never go cheap.

^ Food produced by farmers.

^^^ There is your problem. Supermarket shelves are loaded with foods from the BIG TEN, TOP TEN corporations that control almost everything we eat. This food is so poor in nutrition, the body is forced to rob nutrients from it's reserves just to digest such junk. Sugar. Chemicals. Crap. But it tastes good, and poor people love the stuff.

To avoid diabetes it's simple. Don't buy crap from the ten corporations, but instead get all your food from farmers.
Don't eat food that is addictively tasty. Just eat simple nutritious food, and don't go cheap when it comes to food. Poverty is one of the things that produces diabetes - Canadian First Nations women face 87% lifetime risk of diabetes, study warns.

Now, I deserve about $10,000 for solving a $17 billion Canadian problem. Do you think Justin Trudeau will send me the money?

http://thechart.blogs.cnn.com/2013/11/1 ... the-world/
https://globalnews.ca/news/2948571/cana ... udy-warns/
http://forums.castanet.net/viewtopic.ph ... =+diabetes

No, you don't deserve $10,000, because you haven't solved the problem. I am treating my prediabetes with diet and exercise, and quite a few of the foods you have suggested up there would send any diabetics blood sugars soaring (all the fruits), and quadruple their insulin requirement (very expensive stuff that insulin) every single day. Why are there no meat, fish, dairy in your charts? Some of your "manufactured" foods would not change my blood sugar at all (but many would). The reason we have such high costs for this condition is that the diabetic association's advice is telling diabetics (generally) to eat a relatively high carbohydrate diet, which increases their insulin needs and either burns out the pancreas (in type 2's) or requires far more insulin injections (in insulin dependent).

The other problem is our doctors and Diabetic associations are telling people that it's okay to have highish blood sugars,and take more and more insulin, they just really don't want anyone to have a low (it is risky), so they say it's okay to have blood sugars far above normal. Example: my doctor does a test on me, my result comes out a little high, but he says that's okay, and as a patient I believe him and carry on eating what I was eating. If i was down in the U.S. my doctor would tell me it was a little high, and I had better get my diet and exercise in order and lower it. So I would get a glucometer, and test, and to my shock my blood sugars would show that every time I ate carbohydrate, my blood sugar goes up, and I would change my diet until my blood sugars remained normal regardless if I had just eaten. This seems like a no brainer, but diabetics are not taught this. Some of them have been having high blood sugar for years, and doing damage to several of their organs, and no one told them they could have normal blood sugar, and greatly reduce their insulin requirement (if they are on it) if they ate very little carbs. Yes, I too was shocked to learn this. Even Thinktank, who claims to be an expert, apparently didn't know it. The rule of only buying food from farmers won't help reduce diabetes, because farmers produce corn, wheat, rice, potatoes, fruit, and for diabetics these foods need to be seriously curtailed (in all forms), if they want to have normal blood sugars like everyone else. Not that the farmers are entirely on the wrong track because they also produce beef, pork, chicken, eggs, (sometimes) fish, and dairy, butter, dietary oils,some nuts, and these are an important part of a low carb diet (except ice cream which has very little cream in it these days).

I don't even think I am deserving of $10,000 dollars for sharing this information, because this information is already out there (yes it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack). The only problem is, it isn't getting to the 20% of the population who really need it.
But thanks to thinktank for bringing up an important topic. Since diabetes contributes to most of our heart disease, many hospital and doctor visits, kidney disease, vision problems, amputations, disability, some cancers,and even alzheimers. Everyone should get an HbA1C test every few years. The damage begins when your A1C is getting over 5.0 and is well on its way by the time you get to 5.8 (but your doctor will tell you you are fine, not to worry or change a thing).
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