Is our health care system broken?

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Re: Is our health care system broken?

Postby jimmy4321 » May 27th, 2017, 6:23 am

While there are always things that need improving both my parents had major health issues lately and things couldn't have gone smoother, also plenty of follow up in a timely manner.
I'm one that believes we need to maintain our publicly funded health care system at all cost.
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Re: Is our health care system broken?

Postby Silverstarqueen » May 27th, 2017, 12:36 pm

With my Dad, the health care was pretty good, as long as we the family got him to the doc or hospital when he was ill, his doctor was pitching for him thru thick and thin.
Mom was a different story, some major blunders with her health care, which actually ended up costing the system way more to treat her in the long run, costs which didn't need to happen if there had been adequate long term care places for those who don't really belong in hospital. But there was also an intestinal obstruction which they were trying to pass off as "constipation". I don't know what was at the root of the problems with her care.
Another close relative of mine got really poor care, I think his doctor was completely out to lunch on that one.
It isn't going to get any better, there are only going to be more seriously ill people as the boomers age out, and fewer doctors and nurses to look after them. So more and more elderly will be discharged from ER's with life threatening conditions, as in the case of that poor gentleman who fell down stairs and was sent home with tylenol recommended for broken vertebrae, nose, and skull fracture. IF the hospital wanted to just let him die, they should have a) just said so and b) at least given him morphine so he didn't have to die in such pain and suffering. A vet would not even have given such poor care to a dog. His family is devastated naturally.
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