Broken Parking Meters

Broken Parking Meters

Postby vernongeek » Aug 23rd, 2012, 9:09 pm

Anyone else park downtown and notice how the parking meters take your money then suddenly say "out of order" and your time stays at zero!

I had this happen to me now a few times this summer, and know of other people it has happened to. I finally reported a faulty meter to the city as I was a bit ticked and I attempted to get a refund for my quarter, that did not work. Needless to say my picture from my smartphone of the parking meter number helped, and they found that the meter in question was faulty and they replaced it. Basically here is what happens on these meters.

1. Put in your quarter.
2. On the display in the top it will say "out of order", and your time for that quarter does not get counted.
3. If you wait about 10-15 seconds that out of order will suddenly dissappear.
4. Put in another quarter and the meter works just fine.

Seems like a parking meter cash grab.

Here is one of my emails from the City of Vernon:

"I’m sorry that the meter did not accept one of your quarters, we will have an officer check it out and see if we can find an issue with it. In some cases, if the quarter was “off” it may not be accepted, and of course with no coin return, there is no way for you to get that quarter back. If we find something wrong with the meter, or a coin that does not register, then we may be able to do something for you, but if all coins register, then we do not provide refunds. Of course had you received a ticket, then the meter as well would be checked to try and confirm the information you have provided.

Sorry, but were we to refund coinage based on this sort of circumstance, anyone could make up a story and come in for change…. LOL."

So to all the people who park downtown, be careful with these meters because this is a "gotcha" moment! Did you know that if you don't move your car on the mysterious out of order parking meter that remains in the out of order state, the bylaw officers will still give you a ticket according to the Vernon Bylaws.
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Re: Broken Parking Meters

Postby BoB76 » Aug 23rd, 2012, 9:45 pm

I have heard of people with a small squeeze bottle similar to a dristan bottle which takes care of most every parking meter!
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Re: Broken Parking Meters

Postby Sn0man » Aug 23rd, 2012, 10:07 pm

Yeah i've noticed the same thing while in Vernon. Parked across the street from the general paint store, put a quarter in the meter and it didn't register. Then tried a dime, then a nickel. Kept saying 0:00.
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