Puppy play groups in Kelowna?

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Puppy play groups in Kelowna?

Postby carolinei » Feb 5th, 2016, 9:47 am

Are there any puppy play groups that meet upin Kelowna? I have done a quick Google search but only come across the various day cares. We got our puppy (first time dog owners) in December. We are in puppy class which has a few more weeks left, but I'd like to continue socializing him with other puppies. Thought I'd see if there are any before we start bringing him to a day care on a regular basis. Thanks!

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Re: Puppy play groups in Kelowna?

Postby perspicacious » Mar 28th, 2016, 8:56 pm

In other cities I've seen amazing doggy daycares that give your dog ample time to socialize with other dogs, it's so good for them. I had a lab with so much energy to burn and she was the best dog and so well behaved after a day at a doggy daycare. Moved to Kelowna and lost that. I would not put my dog in a daycare where they were not able to run freely. I can give you a name of a doggy daycare here that is decent. The lady who runs it takes the dogs for a good walk and does socialize the dogs... You can tell she has a passion for this.
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Re: Puppy play groups in Kelowna?

Postby Benzi » Apr 5th, 2016, 1:07 pm

When you introduce your puppy/dogs to other dogs you have no way of knowing if those pet owners have properly vaccinated their pets. To fully protect your puppy from canine parvovirus, the last dose of the parvovirus vaccine must be at 14-16 weeks of age, regardless of the number of doses given at an earlier age. Until your puppy is fully protected, avoid taking it to dog parks or other areas where it has uncontrolled exposure to dogs with questionable or unknown vaccination histories. You put your animals at great risk of getting many doggy deceases like Parvovirus, Canine distemper, Canine Influenza even Kennel cough. People can also spread some diseases (such as mange, ringworm, also kennel cough and Canine Influenza) from dog to dog through shared brushes, collars, bedding, etc. or by petting or handling an infected dog before petting or handling another dog. If your dog or another dog has a disease or it is receiving steroids or other medications that suppress its immune system and decrease its resistance to infection, you should not take it to dog gatherings without first consulting your veterinarian. If your dog needs a playmate consider getting another dog yourself.
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Re: Puppy play groups in Kelowna?

Postby patvr » May 1st, 2016, 6:25 pm

Hi, I have a one year old retriever and she would love a puppy to play with. My vet says no to dog parks, and we have no fence around our yard yet, so exercise is limited to walks on beach. We live in Winfield so it is a bit far from Kelowna. I was wondering if anyone organized a puppy play date, but I guess that is what dog parks are.
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Re: Puppy play groups in Kelowna?

Postby Twinkletoes » May 16th, 2017, 9:34 pm

I have also been looking for puppy play groups in Kelowna thru facebook and google and the ones I had found people havent posted on them in quite some time.
This afternoon I have decided to make up a brand new group, it is focused on smaller dogs.
Feel free to join on facebook
"Small dogs of Kelowna"
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