Misplaced Bike

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Misplaced Bike

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A small town southern Baptist preacher was walking down the street one day when the local cop pulled up beside him & rolled down his window.

Cop: "Hey Reverend Jim, why are you walking? Where's your bicycle?"

Jim: "I guess somebody stole it. Sure would like to get it back."

Cop: "Tell you what to do. Preach on the Ten Commandments next Sunday. When you get to 'Thou shalt not steal', lay it on REAL thick. I guarantee whoever took your bike will feel so guilty, they'll bring it back."

The next week, the cop saw Reverend Jim riding his bike just like always.

Cop: "So Rev, I see you got your bike back. Did you preach on the Ten Commandments".

Jim: "Yep, sure did."

Cop: "Did the thief bring back your bike? "

Jim: "No, when I got to 'Thou shalt not commit adultery', I remembered where I parked the damned thing! "
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Re: Misplaced Bike

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I might look normal but believe me, I talk to animals and wait for them to reply.

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