Starving UBCO student

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Starving UBCO student

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A Starving UBCO student who is in need of money starts knocking on doors in Black Mountain looking for odd jobs for extra $$. One man opens the door and the exchange goes....

Girl: "I'm looking for odd job work. Do you know of any?"
Man: "You can paint my porch for $100 if you want! Paint is out back"
Girl: "Great! I'll get started right away".

2 hours later the girl returns...

Girl: "All done!"
Man: "Wow that was fast! Here you go" (Hands her $100 bill)
Girl: "Thanks. But by the way..... i think that's a ferrari not a porsche :D "
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Re: Starving UBCO student

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:biggrin: Lol

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