Husbands Final Wish

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Husbands Final Wish

Postby dirtybiker » Aug 11th, 2018, 9:10 am

A husband and wife are at the breakfast table,
the husband looking at the obituaries in the paper, looks up
and says " If I die before you, I'd like you to sell all my stuff immediately.
You are such a fine woman and great wife, I would think you would
end up re-married, and I hate the thought of some other idiot using
my stuff."

The wife ponders this for just a moment, and replies,
"What makes you think I'd marry another idiot ?"
"Don't 'p' down my neck then tell me it's raining!"

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Re: Husbands Final Wish

Postby coleen black » Nov 4th, 2018, 5:31 pm

LOL good one dirtybiker! Bbbbbbbbbackfired on this hubby's last wish lol
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