Income taxes

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Income taxes

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Subject: The Income Tax Return

A young woman walks into a Chartered accountant’s office and tells him that she needs to file her tax Returns.

The accountant says, “Before we begin, I’ll need to ask you a few questions.”
He gets her name, address etc.

And then asks,”What’s your occupation?”
“I’m a prostitute,” she says.

The accountant is taken aback and says, “That's too gross. Let’s try to rephrase that. ”
The woman says, “OK, I’m a high-end call girl”.
“No, that still won’t work. Need something more acceptable. ”

They both think for a minute; then the woman says, “I’m an elite poultry farmer.”
The accountant asks, “What does poultry farming have to do with being a prostitute?”

“Well, I raised a thousand cocks last year.”

Chartered Acct :“ Brilliant !!! Poultry Farmer it is !!

And agricultural income is tax free.
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Re: Income taxes

Post by dirtybiker »

just log on and am blessed with this gem.

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Re: Income taxes

Post by LANDM »

Debbie Downer Alert! Kind of an odd joke/punchline, since agricultural income is not tax free, nor am I aware that it has ever been.
But the rest of it was funny! :admin:
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