Moscow story.

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Moscow story.

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The joke that is making the rounds in Moscow is:
Russian soldiers are occupying part of the Ukraine. They hear a voice shout from over a hill,
“I bet one Ukrainian can beat ten Russians!”
The Russian general, thinking that it would be easy, sent ten men over the hill to fight. They heard a fighting and noise. No Russian soldiers came back. After a minute they heard the voice again,
“I bet 1 Ukrainian can beat 100 Russians!”
The general, getting more annoyed now, decided to send 100 of his men over, to finish this Ukrainian off.
After a while of noise and bangs, no Russian soldiers came back, and the voice shouted again,
“I bet 1 Ukrainian can beat 1000 Russians!”
The sergeant, thinking that 1 soldier could not possibly beat 1000, sent his troops over.
Again, there was lots of noise, but then, silence.
1 Russian soldier returned this time, bloody and bruised, barely walking. The soldier said:
“Don’t send any more men over; they lied; there’s actually 2 Ukrainians.”
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Re: Moscow story.

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Oh my, I know of two or three over on the World board would will be offended.
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