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southy wrote:So I see the Mayor Jak is being BOLD again ... in the enclosed story it talks about how he has been in discussions with a casino group who are looking at the Power St. location and other locations. Hummm ... wonder if these discussions occurred prior to the city wanting to rezone the park property? Just wondering ... not trying to take away the boldness of this new council.

Read story here: ... 37ea4.html

One could also read it as a big middle finger to someone who has been poking at the beehive of City Hall for every possible photo op. Don't forget that Jak was part of the Council that was mocked by this person. I was actually laughing my *bleep* off when I read about puppet Haynes standing up before Council with concerns about the possibility of the Casino relocating.
Why were the "stones" not at the Council meeting? Ya know, the boss? According to media reporting, all of a sudden he is conciliatory. "I have no problem with another Hotel as long as ......(insert perceived and premature assumption of subsidized assets here). The thing that must have really hurt was the admission that the Casino did not belong to or was beholden to his hotel. Prystay.... "The Casino only leases space from us".
How many people in Penticton actually realized that the Casino was just a tenant of space and did not belong to the Coast Lakeside Hotel?
Someone and his daddy are not sleeping very well these nights whilst they ponder the loss of the cash cow. Daddy might also be asking son about the wisdom of poking sticks into the eyes of City Council, and their staff, for photo ops and news bites.
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