From Isolation to Adventure

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From Isolation to Adventure

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Wow, I am so very impressed with this young man that I can totally relate too. He overcame his great fear of putting himself out there to be judged by his overwhelming social anxiety and loner exterior. That took complete guts and he is now reaping the benefits of overcoming this huge hurtle and taking a trip around the world. I wish him nothing but success and safety on his journey and really look forward to hearing his updates. I am so glad he shattered this shell he was living in at a young age where the world can "become his oyster" Just know, young man, that we have your back. ... -adventure
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Re: From Isolation to Adventure

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Lots of people like him in Vernon.
Vernon's Logan Saunders is currently in Japan where he kicked off a 180-day tour....
Wonder how did he finance his tour???

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