Pool water causes crashes

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Pool water causes crashes

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https://www.castanet.net/news/Vernon/26 ... non#269324

The general manager Mrs Brooks is in for a rude awakening when they're found liable for these accidents, the repair of vehicles, and the subsequent personal injury lawsuits, etc.

Rules are very clear here - runoff must be disposed of on the property. This applies to everything you are doing, even rainwater runoff from building/gutters and pools. Blaming the ministry because the ditches along the highway couldn't handle all of the water from their pool isn't going to work. Hope they have good insurance, and I hope they've learnt a lesson here - their negligence could have resulted in much worse injury or death.
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Re: Pool water causes crashes

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Oh yes, Mrs. Brooks and co. did an absolute terrible job at planning their work.
This will be an insurance nightmare.

I do like how the finger pointing goes directly to Municipality / MOT...
Did they drain the pool for them ? ...
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Re: Pool water causes crashes

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That's some ridiculous finger pointing going on. I've never seen a drainage problem in this area under any natural conditions but the Ministry is somehow supposed to account for you draining your water without looking to see where it would go or thinking what might happen to water at -6 temperatures? I saw the new contractor for the Ministry was quick to respond with plenty of salt.

Tyler is right, it's your responsibility to deal with your own water runoff on site.

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