Herons in Vernon

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Herons in Vernon

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Can anyone tell me if they have had heron droppings fall on them from the sky or on their property? There is a large nesting area right in the city
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Re: Herons in Vernon

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Not sure about Vernon though why wouldn't it happen? But here's one story from Kelowna:

“I watched three times, yes three times as a blue heron pooped while in flight,” said Brian McDivitt. “(It) covered them with grey, stinky poop."

The poop just missed his house and narrowly missed him and his wife as they floated on the lake.

https://www.castanet.net/news/Kelowna/2 ... -continues

You probably want this thread:

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Re: Herons in Vernon

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So birds s%*t in flight. Is this something new?

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