Racist vandalism spree

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Racist vandalism spree

Post by Scrobins94 »

Whoever did this needs to be caught and punished. These people are just *bleep*. :swear:

https://www.castanet.net/news/Vernon/30 ... -in-Vernon
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Re: Racist vandalism spree

Post by GordonH »

Immature :cuss: who could use a few hundred (or more) community service hours to fill up there free time they apparently have.
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Re: Racist vandalism spree

Post by OKkayak »

Bunch of ignorant kiddies who are obviously too bored, best to put them to forced work with no pay, run' em all day so they're too tired to hang with their diaper buddies.
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Re: Racist vandalism spree

Post by slimebucket »

same with the people who are racist to albertians damaging cars leaving notes saying go away stay home etc etc.

Glad I left, the hate crime in Vernon was getting brutal

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