Possible new park

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Re: Possible new park

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Merry wrote:Allowing Public access to what nature has given us should always be a priority. I truly hope this Park becomes a reality.

it would be peanuts for the federal government to purchase for us especially in light of the HUGE$$$ waste they have expelled on non canadian countrys in the last 2 years alone never mind the horiffic amount of cheats allowed to access the CERB program
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Re: Possible new park

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It would be nice if the BC Govt. would buy it. They could sell off the big piece that is ALR, because it won't be a park anyway. That would give them a few million back, or at least some money to do whatever needs doing to the rest.

That said, do we really need more biking trails? There are other nearby places to ride, I think.

I don't know how suited the land is to camping. Would you want Ellison campgrounds enlarged? I don't think you'd want a huge campground, or it's really no longer available to the general public, like a public beach or city park is.

I've signed the petition though, and even if the govt. can't do it, hopefully, something will come up. I'd hate to see it developed into a bunch of private residences.

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