Cause of Caribou Decline??

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Cause of Caribou Decline??

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The Splatsin were/are very involved in opening up the logging, Heli and Cat skiing tenures in the Monashees and West Kootenay regions over the last 30 years. I have seen Caribou in the areas of Recreational Tenure use. You can hike up to these areas and see evidence of historic migrations of Caribou ie. old antler sheds etc.

Heli ski companies, in particular, have actually been feeding the caribou for years by dropping off hay and feed in attempts to habituate these animals to human activities. They also under report sightings of these animals because they would be required to shut down operations.

If the Splatsin are truly serious about preserving this population, they should revisit all the Recreational Tenure deals they have been involved with and determine the impacts of their own contribution$ (or lack of) to the caribou's demise.

Instead of simply waiting for stakeholders to show up at their office to plead for permi$$ion, the Splatsin Council members should be actually going to these places and documenting activities for themselves instead of relying on the pseudo scientific reports paid for by the tenure stakeholders and Front Desk BC...
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Re: Cause of Caribou Decline??

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The caribou are doomed. Either by climate change or habitat loss or snowmobiles or all of the above. Since the beginning of life on the planet, species have gone extinct and the caribou are likely on their way out. Climate change is reducing their ranges, so is habitat loss. Snowmobilers like to go further and further into the virgin territory all the time and wolves use these tracks to also go into the caribous' territory.

The egg-head scientists know that the cariboo are doomed, the NDP, Conservatives and Liberals know the cariboo are doomed. The cost of protecting the cariboo is just too high. Whatcha gonna do? Shut down logging? Pry snowmobiles out of good old boys' cold hands?

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