Is it time to close BC down?

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Re: Is it time to close BC down?

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Barney Google wrote:What about, as suggested, banning the use of motorized vehicles, ATVs, etc in the back country would be one step to take?
Again, 'policing' all this would be mind boggling, I'm sure

That one seems more sensible, honestly, but IDK if it's something that would happen.

Just to note: many (most? all?) provincial/national parks don't allow camp fires in the back country ever. The areas tend to be too sensitive to recover from campers stripping the area of everything burnable. So it's generally camp stove or nothing.
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Re: Is it time to close BC down?

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I think there are some who believe they are doing nothing wrong, if they have a fire on their own property, reasoning perhaps that they aren't camping, but are rather just at home chilling.

These days it seems everything has to be spelled out so that even a 2yr old would understand.

Maybe we need TV commercials informing the masses that private forest burns just as well as the trees on Crown land. 8P
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