Westside Grass Fire

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Westside Grass Fire

Post by TreeGuy »

On my way home today I saw a grass fire on the corner of Elliott and Smid. If I had to speculate I would guess that it was started by a hot exhaust from the truck that was there. There was one guy there when I went by trying to stop it. I really wanted to stop and help but had my own emergency to attend to. The fire department arrived shortly after I drove by.

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Re: Westside Grass Fire

Post by GoStumpy »

Good job taking care of it quickly!!! Thank you fire department!!

I wonder if a discarded glass bottle could light a fire in these conditions?

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Re: Westside Grass Fire

Post by slootman »

Its my understanding that someone was using a grinder in the middle of the field, and that resulting sparks caused the fire. Good to see such quick response.
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Re: Westside Grass Fire

Post by Frisk »


Not the first time this has happened there. Careless causes for both of them.

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